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3 facts about lip balm that few people know

Lip balm is an indispensable cosmetic, but you should not "divine" them too much.

Not really moisturizing

Lip balms neither moisturize the skin nor moisturize the lips but instead they lock in moisture. Meaning the base balm creates a protective layer on the surface of the lips that is able to seal in moisture, thus keeping the lips soft for a long time.


Do not lick lip balm

Many people have a habit of licking their lips very often, even when they have applied lip balm or regular lipstick. This action is similar to eating lip balm or lipstick. One thing to keep in mind is that lip balm, no matter what ingredient it is extracted from, is not a food to be eaten regularly.

Excessive use can be harmful

Are you someone who regularly uses lip balm, even a few times a day? Many people think that it is impossible to give up lip balm, but this is a misconception. Because there are no ingredients in lip balm that can be addictive.


However, it is possible that there are ingredients in a lip balm that cause allergies in some people. Therefore, regular use is not a good lip care method. You can easily replace lip balm with some natural remedies like coconut oil, olive oil, honey, etc.

How to help soften lips in the dry season

Choose your lip balm wisely

When buying lip balm, you should read the ingredients printed on the package to minimize the harmful effects of the balm (if any). If you see shea butter on the label, beeswax, olive oil, coconut oil, or jojoba oil, don't hesitate. Just buy one!

Eat right, drink right

Water and green vegetables are always close friends for a bright, healthy skin and plump lips. Lips showing wrinkles, peeling skin, even cracked and bleeding – all can be partially overcome by daily eating habits.

Women remember to add omega-3 fatty acids to the menu, helping the skin and lips maintain a certain amount of oil and moisture to withstand the harsh weather.


Exfoliate your lips

Note that exfoliation doesn't mean you have to scrub hard, scrub enthusiastically! The most standard way is to use two fingertips to rub in circles from the sides to the center of the lips so that the skin scales gently drift away.

Put on a "mask" of the lips

"Lip mask" has become an indispensable part of the daily skin care routine of cold women in Northern Europe or Korea.Of course, this product will not be too necessary if your lips are not severely dry and cracked. The cost and expenses for beauty care are also somewhat limited.

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