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4 makeup tips for smooth oily skin that are easy to follow

The 4 tips for applying foundation below are simple, smooth and long-lasting for those with oily skin.


Tips to make up transparent foundation for oily skin

The sebaceous glands on the face are often more active than other areas. For people with oily skin, the oil secretion on the skin is more difficult to control. Make-up can't last long on the skin. Only 5-6 hours later you will see your skin tone down very clearly. So, the tips to apply the foundation below will help you not have difficulty when applying makeup.

Choosing a foundation for oily skin

Foundation products suitable for oily skin will have words like “oil-free”, “no-sebum”, “long wear” or “matte”… Most oil-free foundations contain oil-free formulas, Lightweight cream absorbs quickly. Helps bring high coverage as well as create a very natural foundation on the skin. Durability up to 14 - 16 hours.

Use primer before and foundation after

A lot of you skip the primer step and only use foundation with the thought of helping your skin not to be blocked. This concept is completely wrong! Primer is an indispensable step in the make-up process, not only helping to prevent the oil layer on the skin from reaching the foundation, creating an oil-control film, but also helping to correct the skin tone stably throughout the day. To control oil well, choose a clear gel-based primer, brush on areas that are often oiled like forehead, nose and chin.

Oil-control powder

The powder has a very good oil absorption effect and gives a smooth matte makeup effect, a healthy shine but very natural. A good powder for oily skin needs to ensure the following factors: good oil control, smooth powder and perfect concealer for the skin.

Use mineral spray

This is the last step in the make-up routine to help stabilize the foundation and harmonize the makeup layers together. You can use a mineral spray specifically for oily/acne skin many times a day to regulate sebum and cool the skin.

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