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4 skin care products you should not use cause large pores and acne-prone skin

If you want your skin to be beautiful, your pores are as small and smooth, you must avoid these 4 products and choose the right product for you:

The cleanser is too strong

Dr. Rowan Hall-Farrise in London, UK shared that: "I see a lot of customers with oily skin, large pores but using a cleanser that is too harsh on a daily basis."

Strong cleansers will strip the skin of its natural oils, cause moisture loss and cause the skin to produce more sebum to "rescue" itself. When the skin produces oil out of control, the pores also "expand" more.


The ideal cleanser for unclogging pores is one that has a mild formula, yet effectively cleanses. Gentle cleanser will not affect the skin's natural barrier or moisture, while helping to clear pores, smooth skin.

Granular exfoliator

After using the granular exfoliating product, your skin will quickly become bright and smooth. This is the feature that makes oily skin girls extremely fond of using granular exfoliants. However, in the long run, this product will cause the opposite effect.

The harsh exfoliating particles will cause scratches, damage and even erode the skin's natural oils. This is the cause of the skin becoming weaker and larger after using a granular exfoliant for a while.

Doctors recommend using chemical exfoliants to reverse dull, rough skin. This product is a lot gentler than a granular exfoliator. And yet, chemical exfoliants containing BHA also help unclog pores from excess oil and dirt. Thanks to this, the skin is smooth, bright from the inside, pores are gradually blurred.

Sunscreen is not enough to protect the skin

According to celebrity beautician for Los Angeles-based Cynthia Franco, "Not protecting your skin from UV rays is the biggest mistake that makes pores bigger." Sunlight destroys collagen and elastin, which keep the skin firm and smooth. If the skin is sagging, the pores will become larger in terms of look.

But even if you wear sunscreen every day, your skin will still deteriorate and pores will become more obvious if you choose a type that does not provide enough protection for your skin. Accordingly, sunscreen with an index below SPF 30, which cannot block both UVA and UVB rays, is a product you need to avoid. Instead, a broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher is just enough to protect your skin from the sun.


When choosing a quality sunscreen, you need to remember to apply this product every day, regardless of whether it's sunny or rainy or cloudy. You even have to reapply sunscreen every 2 hours. That way, you can have beautiful, healthy skin, bright, smooth pores.

Products containing oil

Oily products are a risky choice for your skin. This is the cause of clogged pores and "wider" over time. Not to mention, products containing oil also cause acne. Ideally, you should choose water-based or gel-based products. This option is even more ideal in the summer, because it does not cause the skin to be tight and uncomfortable, instead, it feels relieved, comfortable but still effectively cared for.

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