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6 types of cosmetics are likened to women's "separate objects" in the dry season

Just maintain using these 6 basic cosmetics, you will not have to worry about dry and degraded skin when entering the dry season.

Colorless lip balm

In the cold season, lips are always a sensitive area, so don't forget to buy a lip balm in your bag and use it whenever your lips feel dry and need to "rehydrate". In addition, you should only choose a colorless lip balm to avoid fading or "out-of-color" of the main lipstick color.



The dry season when the humidity is lower, your moisturizer must also be supplemented with more effective moisturizing ingredients than in the summer. The trick is to choose creams with a lot of essential oils in the ingredients to warm the skin and increase blood circulation to the face.

Rose water

Rose water has the role of controlling oil, deep cleansing, tightening pores, in the role of "essence" with pure nutritional ingredients to help nourish the skin, help firm skin and delay the aging process. .

Rose water is also used on hair to treat dandruff and scalp infections and other related ailments. Rose water also creates a natural fragrance on the skin, helping you to get a smooth, perfectly healthy skin.


Sunscreen is also considered a treasure to improve dry, chapped skin. In autumn and winter, although the sun is not as harsh as summer, 80% of UVA and UVB rays still penetrate the clouds and silently penetrate the skin.

That's why sunscreens are also considered the best protection for dry skin in winter because they often contain moisturizing ingredients.

Hair oil

Hair oil will help you to add moisture perfectly without making your hair sticky like regular cream-based conditioners. However, you should only use this product with a sufficient amount of about 3 drops and keep away from the hair roots to achieve the best effect!

Body cream

Even for ladies who do not have the habit of using body cream, this cosmetic in the winter is considered a must... First, it will help you completely solve winter problems like cellulite.

The body cream will also help you to even out the skin tone of your neck and face, especially on cold days when the skin is easily dull. In addition, for the cream to be fully effective, it is best not to use it immediately after bathing, but wait for the skin to dry completely to achieve the best effect.

Just maintain using these 6 basic cosmetics, you will not have to worry about dry and degraded skin when entering the dry season.

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