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7 bad habits that make skin aging without braking

Everyday habits can either help or harm your skin. They make you younger or horribly old.

Aging is a very natural human process that everyone has to face. However, the rate of skin aging depends largely on the skin care process of women. Even simple living habits that seem "inanimate" can be harmful and are a part of aging skin.

Do not remove makeup at the end of the day

After a long tiring day at work, you just want to lie down on the bed when you get home. However, don't go to sleep forgetting to remove your facial makeup. According to Sonya Dakar, chief of dermatology at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York, this condition will make the skin worse.

With or without makeup, you should still use makeup remover every night. Facial cleansers do not clean cosmetics and dirt layers throughout the day. Exfoliation will help clean the skin deeply. From there, the nutrients from the cream will be absorbed into the skin more quickly and effectively.


Using computers, phones, watching TV a lot

Radiation from computers or electronic devices is as harmful as the sun, making the skin prone to dullness, especially the skin around the eyes. You should balance the time using these electronic devices in combination with exercise, or playing sports.

Ignore is a step to moisturize the skin

Your skin can lack anything but absolutely must not lack moisture. Moisturizing is the key to solving all skin problems from dryness and flaking to aging wrinkles.

You will need a jar of superior moisturizer to promptly hydrate your skin to address and prevent all visible signs of aging. Look for reputable and quality products to ensure adequate skin hydration.


Not drinking enough water

The number one reason why your skin looks wrinkled is not drinking enough water every day. Like the rest of the body, skin is made up of cells, most of which are made of water. Cells will lose water through all the activities of the body as well as the impact of environmental pollution. A day, your body needs 1.5 - 2 liters of water to provide for all activities.

Sufficient hydration of the skin does not only come from drinking plenty of water, but also in your daily and careful moisturizing step.


Squeeze acne regularly

Acne is the most common skin disorder we all suffer from. In the United States alone, acne affects more than 50 million people. Regularly putting your hands on your face to squeeze acne makes this situation worse.

Instead of squeezing pimples, experts advise, get to the root of the problem by using over-the-counter acne treatments that contain ingredients like benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid. Try to treat the entire face to prevent acne from developing rather than trying to treat them after your face "blooms" because they will take time, making you look old very quickly.

Taking a hot bath for too long

While a hot shower can help clear your mind, it actually strips the skin of essential oils and disrupts the skin barrier.

Dermatologists recommend not taking a hot bath for too long, only bathing within 10 minutes. The temperature of the shower should be the same temperature you would expect in a heated pool in the summer. After showering, you should pat dry and apply moisturizer to lock in moisture.

No sun protection

Sunlight can stimulate the melanin in the skin to increase, causing the skin to darken and age severely. Better yet, you should use sunscreen properly, combined with wearing sunglasses when going out in the sun to protect your skin.

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