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Be careful with the expiration date of makeup products

Cosmetics are not usually cheap and of course you will want to use makeup or skin care products to the last drop. However, cosmetics have an expiration date and their shelf life may be shorter than you think.

The shelf life depends on the specific cosmetic, how it is stored, and whether it is still glazed (sealed) or opened. Every makeup product will eventually expire, usually within 2 years of purchase and sometimes just 3 months for eye makeup.


Eye makeup products usually have a short shelf life

In general, if stored properly in a cool, dry place, most unopened and fully sealed makeup will have a shelf life of 2 to 3 years.

With that said, cream products that contain oils or butters, like concealers or liquid blushes, can change color sooner because the oils can go rancid. If the product is a natural makeup formula without strong preservatives, it can also go bad, even when sealed.

All preservatives in makeup will degrade over time, even if the product is unopened, so you should never keep any product for more than 3 years.

All makeup products must be sealed (sealed) with the open-box symbol, followed by a number followed by the letter M. This PAO (Period After Opening) symbol indicates how many months it is. Once opened, the product will expire. Therefore, it is helpful to remember the month in which you opened the product.

Expired makeup can dry out or crumble easily, and you should never use water to moisten it as it can breed bacteria. Color pigments may not look vibrant, powders may appear clumpy and difficult to apply.

Expired cosmetics can also begin to harbor bacteria that can potentially lead to breakouts, redness, or eyelid styes.

In particular, do not use eye makeup that is past its expiration date, as this can harm the delicate, sensitive eye area.

How to know if cosmetics have expired?

Mascara and other eye makeup products have a shorter shelf life and can be stamped 6M (6 months), for example concealers usually have a shelf life of around 12M (12 months). Perfumes usually have a shelf life of 5 years.

If you can't find this symbol, it is probably on the original packaging and may have been removed.

• The first step is to smell the product. If there is a strange smell, it should be discarded.

• See if it's discolored. For example, many concealers will oxidize and turn slightly orange.

• Notice if the texture has changed and should be discarded if the product feels strange on your skin.

With skin care products, anything that comes in a bottle or comes with a dropper, such as a serum, is constantly exposed to the air or bacteria on your hands and should be used within about 9 months. Products that come with a pump can last up to a year.

After the expiration time, the active ingredients will not work optimally. Be especially careful with the SPF number and expiration date of the sunscreen.

If you use your product regularly, you will easily use it up before its due date. But if you only use it occasionally, the mini bottle can be a great option.

Shelf life is an average, so if you use concealer for a few days after 12 months it may be fine.

Careful attention should be paid to certain makeup and skin care products with natural ingredients as they may be formulated without preservatives and have a shorter shelf life.

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