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Do not use plastic bottles and containers when this sign appears because it may increase the risk of cancer

Many people often have the habit of using plastic bottles and containers to store food. But if you detect these signs on the plastic container, you should stop immediately if you do not want to increase the risk of cancer.

If on the products of food containers, plastic bottles printed made from PC No. 7 plastic, you should throw them away immediately. Because this is a type of plastic that has many potential health risks, especially cancer-causing germs.

According to Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Duy Thinh, Institute of Biotechnology and Food Technology, Hanoi University of Science and Technology, you can comfortably use products made from virgin or high-quality plastic, because they do not toxic and safe for health. But cheap plastics that contain plasticizers, anti-ultraviolet agents, fillers, pigments, etc., contain many toxins that are harmful to users.


In particular, it must be mentioned PC plastic No. 7 - one of the most toxic plastics. PC stands for the phrase Polycarbonate, is a colorless and transparent invisible plastic, often used to create plastic products because of its high impact strength, stable hardness, beautiful color and abrasion resistance. very well worn.

PC No. 7 plastic is extremely durable and has beautiful colors and is very cheap, so many places have produced it into small bottles and then sold it at a cheap price to make a profit. If you do not know or do not pay attention to the product that is being used to store food, the carcinogens from PC No. 7 plastic will penetrate into the food, thereby indirectly entering the body, eventually causing disease for the patient. People.

Therefore, when choosing plastic products to store food and spices, you should choose to buy in reputable places with products that have enough antibacterial, heat and cold resistant, anti-ultraviolet effects, deodorant... Don't buy cheap plastic containers and bottles, floating on the market, which will poison the body if used for a long time.


In addition, PC plastic No. 7 also contains active ingredient Bisphenol A - a toxic substance that can cause infertility, diabetes and cancer. Plastic No. 7 is not heat-resistant, so it will degrade or produce toxins if it is filled with hot water, or used to heat food.

What should we do when we have items made from PC No. 7?

No. 7 PC plastic is not suitable for storing food and water, but you should only use it to store chemicals such as gasoline, kerosene, etc. or you can throw it away to ensure health safety. Absolutely do not use this plastic for long-term food storage, especially not for hot food because it will cause carcinogens to penetrate very quickly and increase the risk of cancer.


Ideally, you should buy plastics with the symbols PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate), HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene), LDPE (Low-Density Polyethylene) and PP (Polypropylene). Besides, housewives should also pay attention to the hardness and color of plastic food containers. Hard and white plastic boxes are usually more secure. The reason is that plastic, colorful plastic is easily deformed or contaminated with chemicals and colorants at high temperature, so it affects health. In addition, do not buy new plastic items that have a strong smell when picked up, because it is definitely a harmful product.

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