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Drink orange juice, choose exactly 2 golden hours a day to absorb all vitamin C, not harm the stomach

Orange juice is a nutritious drink for health. However, drinking orange juice at the wrong time will harm the body.

Nutritional value of orange juice

Orange juice is a healthy drink. Oranges are packed with fiber, vitamin C, folate and other antioxidants. According to the Vietnamese food nutrition facts table, 100 grams of oranges (edible food) contain 34mg calcium, 23mg phosphorus, 0.4mg iron, 0.22mg zinc, 40mg vitamin C, 30µg folate, 8µg vitamin A, 0.18µg vitamin E, 29 µg beta-carotene.

Many people choose to use orange juice to supplement nutrition and strengthen the body's resistance.

Experts recommend drinking orange juice in the right way and at the right time for the body to receive valuable benefits.


Best time to drink orange juice

According to nutritionists, the best time to drink orange juice is 1-2 hours after breakfast or lunch.

Orange juice after squeezed should be used always because the longer it is left, the lower the nutritional value.

You should only drink 1 cup of orange juice (about 200ml)/day. According to research, 200ml of orange juice can provide about 60mg of vitamin C, equivalent to 100% of vitamin C that an adult body needs in a day. Therefore, do not drink too much orange juice to avoid excess vitamin C.

Pregnant women need 80mg of vitamins, so they can drink more orange juice, but it should be divided into several doses, not too much at once.

Children should only drink 1/2 orange / day is enough.

People with fever can add orange juice to strengthen the immune system, regulate body functions against pathogens, provide water, electrolytes, stimulate digestion...


Time not to drink orange juice

Drink orange juice when hungry

When the stomach is empty, the acid in orange juice will combine with the acid in the stomach and cause stomach pain. Drinking orange juice on an empty stomach for a long time can cause stomach ulcers.

Drink orange juice right after eating

Drinking orange juice after eating will cause indigestion and bloating. The reason is that oranges contain a lot of sugar, which inhibits the digestion of the food that was loaded into the body in the previous meal.

Drink at night before going to bed

Orange juice has the effect of creating new fluid, diuretic. So drinking orange juice right before going to bed can make you lose sleep because you have to get up to go to the bathroom at night. In addition, drinking orange juice at the time before bed and improper dental hygiene will cause acid to stick on the teeth, damaging the enamel layer.


In case you should not drink orange juice

People with stomach ulcers, duodenal ulcers, pancreatitis should not drink orange juice because this drink contains acids, organic substances that increase acid in the stomach. It can cause heartburn and make it worse.

People with body diseases should also limit the use of orange juice because this drink is rich in vitamin C. Excessive use will increase the amount of vitamin C and increase oxalic acid metabolism in the body, leading to the formation of urinary stones and stones. kidney.

People who are taking drugs are also advised to limit the use of orange juice because this drink can damage the chemical structure of drugs, especially antibiotics, reduce the effectiveness of the drug, and make the disease last longer.

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