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Early warning signs of diabetes, 1 should also see a doctor

If you see your body showing the following signs, go to the doctor as soon as possible, for timely treatment.

Going to the toilet more than usual

If before, your urination was completely normal. But lately, your frequent urination could be an early sign of diabetes. The average person urinates 4-7 times a day, but people with diabetes often go more often because the body is trying to get rid of extra glucose by making more urine. Therefore, you should get tested for diabetes so that if you have the disease, you will have the most active treatment

Numbness in hands and feet

If you suddenly experience numbness in your limbs, then it cannot be ignored that proves to be an early warning sign of diabetes. Because when blood sugar levels rise, it can affect the blood vessels around the nerves. This leads to numbness and tingling, which often occurs in the feet. Some people may also experience these symptoms in both their feet and hands.


Do you have an appetite?

The body converts food into glucose during digestion, the cells then use the glucose as an energy source. But when the body doesn't produce insulin (like with type 1 diabetes) or doesn't respond to insulin (like type 2 diabetes), this glucose can be drawn from the bloodstream into cells. As a result, people with untreated diabetes often feel hungry even though they have eaten enough.

Do you have eye problems?

According to experts, the majority of patients with diabetes often have blurred vision and problems with their eyes. This is because high blood sugar causes the lens of the eye to swell and change vision. When there are changes in vision, we should go for a comprehensive eye exam. And when blood sugar is under control, vision should return to normal.


Feeling tired or sleepy

If you suddenly feel tired and sleepy all of a sudden, you may have diabetes. Most people with this condition feel extremely tired, which can simply be the result of overwork or not getting enough sleep, but it can also be a sign of diabetes. If the fatigue doesn't go away even after you've taken time to rest and relax, you should see your doctor for a checkup right away.

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