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Eye makeup trends in the fall are pursued by beauty believers

Try some eye makeup trends pursued by beauty believers to help you look more attractive when the fall comes.

Whether you prefer hot colors or classic neutrals, beauticians have suggestions to transform you into a sweet sexy girl or a sexy lady.

Dreamy lavender purple

Bright colors are not only for girls' night parties, but you can also use them in any event with the 20% rule.

Blend your favorite color for the eyelids and lips with the ratio corresponding to 20% of the overall face to make it easier to visualize the makeup. Choosing lavender purple for this fall is sure to make you stand out. Line your eyelids twice to create a thick line, then apply a layer of eyeshadow of the same color to make the eye color last all day. Apply thickening mascara and finish with pale pink lipstick.


Striking golden eye rims

One of the best eye makeup looks is to use canary gold-tone eyeshadow (canary gold) on the black border to create a special effect. Use black eyeliner to easily create cat eyes.

When the line is dry, use a yellow cream eyeshadow to draw two layers above the black rim. Add a thin line to the inner corner of the lower lid, then apply a thin layer of mascara (the lashes should not stand out above the lids), and fill the lips with an orange-red color.


Soft golden eyes

Apply eyeshadow with a sandy yellow powder with shimmer. Use your hand to gently pull the outer corner of the eye, use a damp brush to blend the yellow color just right into the area close to the eyelid. Then, apply the powder in a V shape at the inner corner to connect the upper and lower parts of the eyelid. Use a mascara brush on the base of the eyelashes, the more mascara at the base, the more prominent the eyeshadow will be. Finish with sexy lips with natural color.

Classic Bronze Brown

The face looks sharper when you combine makeup effects – in this case, keep the eyes metallic and the lips the same matte.

Start with a red lipstick, using a darker shade to avoid overdoing it in other areas.” Lightly blot the lipstick with a tissue to help the color blend into the lips better. Then, apply a black liner to the lower lash line, blinking to spread the color onto the upper lash line.


Use eye cream to blend evenly on the eyelids and especially the eye sockets, creating an arc at the brow bone. Next, use the color above to press the eyelids to make them thicker and complete them with mascara.

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