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Get rid of the worry of oily skin with just the following easy to follow secret

You will not have to worry about oily skin with just a very simple secret.

Wash face with cold water

This is one of the natural and simple ways to prevent sweat on the face and reduce shine effectively. Washing your face with cold water helps to close the pores that secrete excess oil. Make it a habit to wash your face with cold water in the summer.

Note that for oily skin types, you can use an oil or water-based makeup remover. However, you should use the oil form because they have the ability to remove the oil-based dirt deep in the pores better than the water form, you clean your face again with a cleanser.


Use talcum powder

The talcum powder present in baby powder acts as an oil absorber on the skin. Applying a little of this powder on the face and spreading it before going out is the best way to prevent sweat and coconut oil from secreting. You will own smooth, dry white skin as desired.

Use egg whites

Just mix half an egg white with 5 drops of lemon juice. Apply this mixture on your face, leave it on for 15-20 minutes and then wash it off with a cleanser. You can use this mask every other day if your skin is too oily.


Use water to balance skin

Toner is an effective "assistant" to help you clean your skin for the last time, right after removing makeup and cleanser. In addition, toner is also responsible for balancing the pH and moisture levels on the skin surface, helping dry and tight skin immediately become softer and smoother.

Use ice cubes

Put some ice cubes in a clean cloth and place them on your skin for a few minutes. This method has the effect of tightening pores and controlling oil quickly.

Facial steaming

Steam is an effective method of detoxifying the skin through the secretion of dirt from the pores. If you want to "reduce oiliness" for your skin, don't forget to steam 1-2 times a week with familiar ingredients such as marjoram leaves, perilla and wormwood, lemongrass and lemon.


Control your diet properly

One of the effective ways to care for oily skin, oily skin is that you need to stay away from foods that are not good for your skin.

Fried, fried, fast food, etc. contain a lot of grease that can make oily skin prone to acne. Instead, you should add foods rich in vitamin A such as sweet potatoes, carrots, green leafy vegetables (kale, spinach, lettuce, broccoli, …), red peppers and fresh fruits with lots of water including watermelon, apricot, mango…

Note when taking care of oily skin:

Don't forget to wear a mask every time you leave the house.

- When applying makeup, choose a primer and foundation, so choose an oil-free cream to reduce the greasy shine on the skin.

- You should increase your daily intake of water, eat lots of green vegetables and fresh fruits to keep your skin beautiful and limit oily and acne.

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