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Hair Care Tips for Curly Hair at Home Salon Standard

The ancients had a saying: "The tooth and the hair are the human angle". Taking care of yourself, especially external appearance, is one of the points that women always care about. A smooth, bouncy, wavy curly hair always makes you confident and outstanding, attracting all eyes in front of the crowd.

 Curly hair is one of the beauty trends favored by many women of all ages. However, taking care of this hair proved to be extremely difficult. In this article, Beauty Page will tell you Salon-Standard Home Care Tips for Curly Hair Care . Let's find out together!

Hair Care Tips for Curly Hair at Home Salon Standard

Pocket for yourself some very effective salon-standard home care tips for curly hair through the sharing below. Many of you think that the problem of curly hair and curly hair care is extremely difficult. However, taking care of wavy curly hair is not as difficult as you often imagine. By creating good and consistent daily care habits for yourself, you will soon succeed!
Effective curly hair care method

Curly hair care at home

Here are a few ways to keep your hair healthy after curling. Although these tips seem to be very simple. But improperly applied; you will not get the desired effect. Therefore, do not take any action lightly!

Wash your hair (choose specialized shampoo for hair) at home standard salon

Washing your hair too often even 1-2 times a day does not help your hair. This will make the hair more prone to dryness and the curls will be stretched. The most suitable washing intensity is 2-4 times/week. However, if you have oily skin, you should use dry shampoo to clean your scalp.

When washing hair, the water temperature is also quite important. You should wash your hair with cold water. In winter, only about 35 degrees of water should be used to wash your hair; because the water is too hot will make the hair dry and dandruff appear.

How to wash hair with curly hair the right way

You are wondering: what is the right way? Of course, there is no absolute formula or standard for all hair substances, but those are the most general guidelines of experts to help keep hair strong; and smooth.

Do not wash your hair immediately after doing your hair. This must have also been "by heart" because after curling, the hairdresser always reminds her customers like that. Because if you wash your hair right after that, the styling medication has not "eaten" into the hair and easily makes the hair lose its inherent texture.

- Do not wash your hair every day. Not only with curly hair care, but with all hairstyles, you must follow this. Experts recommend washing your hair 2-3 times a week so that the hair has just enough time to absorb the nutrients without damaging the hair. Washing your hair every day, the chemicals from shampoos and conditioners, will strip your hair of its natural oils, making your hair dry and prone to damage.

Use and choose hair conditioner

Hair after being subjected to high temperatures and a series of chemicals is severely damaged. Therefore, you need to have a reasonable curling hair care regimen to keep your hair healthy. And hair care products are definitely indispensable.

Conditioner: After washing your hair with shampoo, you need to use a conditioner to add nutrients to the hair, helping the hair to recover deeply.

– Hair mask: you can use ingredients available at home to make a hair mask such as avocado, banana, honey, coconut oil, chicken egg, etc. All have very good uses for hair. Your hair helps provide the moisture it needs to stay strong.

- Hair care oil: not always the curls are obedient to the owner's will, so you always have this support tool at hand. Put a sufficient amount of oil on your hand, gently massage and then squeeze evenly on the curls, making sure your hair is in a neat and bouncy style.

Mask for curly hair standard Salon

Sounds strange right? Just like your skin, your hair also needs regular care. Depending on the health of your hair, you can apply a hair mask once a week or every two weeks.

You can use good quality masks available in the market or make your own hair masks. The best hair masks are from foods rich in protein. The simplest and easiest way is to apply honey, olive oil, oatmeal, eggs, even avocado to your hair, wait 15 minutes and then wash it off. Your hair will be fully nourished.

Massage for hair

Along with massaging your face and head, you should do this regularly. But it is best to spend the weekend to massage your hair methodically.
Use a frizz care serum if necessary as it will add shine and shine to the hair. Or you can use olive oil, coconut oil instead. They help soften and improve your frizzy hair.

Hair styling

After completing the correct hair care manipulations , the styling problem also greatly affects the success of your hair. So, create yourself the most effective and suitable styling habits for you!

The habit of combing hair, using a towel

The first is that you should choose a comb suitable for curly hair, and a wide comb is the most suitable, it easily untangles hair strands and limits hair loss. But limiting brushing is for the best. You can use your hands to thread through the hair, smooth hair neatly; without using a comb, which is convenient and does not damage the hair.

Another important thing is that you absolutely should not brush your hair when it is still wet. Because when the hair is wet, the hair roots will be very weak, the hair strands are easily tangled; If you use a comb to comb it, you're already harming innocent hairs.

How to dry hair salon standard at home

This is a very important note for women. Especially in the winter, women want their hair to dry faster, so they often turn on the dryer at high settings, causing the hair to dry out, further losing the structure of the curls, the hair is ruffled and untidy.

Before drying your hair, you need to dry your hair with a soft towel to reduce the amount of water contained in the hair. Gently dry the hair roots; and let the ends dry naturally. Especially with curly hair, while drying you should squeeze the curls in an upward direction to keep the hair in place.

Roll the right way to create the right wave at home

After curling hair for a long time, the curls are stretched out; and not as sticky as the original. So you should record this secret to keep your curly hair bouncy and wavy.

After shampooing, the hair is just dry, you should spend time rolling the curls with a roller; or non-heating tools for styling hair. You can curl your hair and leave it overnight; The next morning you will have a surprisingly beautiful hair and don't forget to stop the hair gel.


In this article, Beauty Page has introduced to you the ways and tips to take care of; and the most effective salon-style curls that you can do at home. The Beauty Page hopes that you will be successful in your beauty work. We will always accompany and share with you the most effective formulas; however, the level of success depends on yourself; Because we know that: "On the road to success there are no footprints of the lazy". Let's try together! Success will follow you.

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