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Impressive ways to mix lipstick every woman must know

Choosing lipstick to use every day can cause her headaches and awkwardness. But try to take advantage of the lipstick colors you already own, immediately apply the following lipstick mix suggestions to create your own unique lipstick colors!

It's never enough for girls, even if there are many similar lipstick colors, but it's a hobby, so what to do! However, with such a collection of lipsticks, why don't you try a little variation, creating unique lipstick colors that only she owns. With the old lipstick colors used are not too satisfied, but try to mix them together! It will definitely surprise you

1. What is a lipstick mix?

Son is considered as one of the indispensable weapons of women. An interesting fact is that even if a girl owns thousands of lipsticks, she still feels inadequate. It can be said that lipstick is never enough for girls. Being able to own all lipstick colors seems like an impossible thing. However, this is the dream of lipstick lovers. So, how to pursue this passion without spending too much money? The answer is lipstick mixing. In this article, Jasmine Spa will reveal ways to mix lipsticks to help you create your favorite lipstick colors.

2. Notes when mixing lipstick

When starting to mix lipstick, please pocket the following simple tips: First, take advantage of red lipstick colors for your color mixing formula. Nude lipstick tone is a lip color that is easy to cause pale skin, but if cleverly mixed with a red lipstick color, it will be very pretty!

Choose colors that have the same lipstick. This is a prerequisite when mixing lipstick. If you use lip gloss as a base, then swatching with a matte lipstick will cause the lipstick to break and not stick to the color exactly as you want!

Use earth tones as the background. This lipstick color is not too prominent, so this will be the right lipstick color for you to swatch first before adding another lipstick color.

3. Mix lipstick color Pink Ruby = Pink Purple + Red Earth

A unique lipstick color is created by mixing two lipstick colors Pink purple and earth red together. Purple pink is a bit difficult to swatch separately, but cleverly mixed with a slightly mid-range lipstick color, it will make your lips more attractive and younger!


4. Poppu red lipstick mixes = Bright Orange + Nude Tone

Nude color tone is a "hard" lipstick color for girls who love Western standard makeup style. Cleverly combined with bright orange lipstick like Pumpkin Orange will create a unique transition to the Korean standard style with Poppy Red lipstick. Try this duo now if you want to "change the wind" your makeup style!


5. Mix wine red lipstick = Orange red + Rose red

The two must-have lipstick colors of all red lipstick followers are Red Orange and Red Rose when skillfully mixed together to bring a red color like wine, full of charm and attraction. The red-orange lipstick makes a gentle base layer, followed by a pink-red lipstick. The most perfect is definitely to choose a pink-red lipstick with a light gloss effect to keep your lips plump!


6. Mix earth pink lipstick = Earth orange + Magenta

One more suggestion for girls who love to "mix" lipstick colors, swatch the orange lipstick first, add a layer of bright red, so you've got a layer of earthy pink lipstick with a little more color. red. This duo when combined helps to enhance her youthful and modern beauty!


7. Mix red-brown lipstick = Magenta + Brown

If she owns a Western-standard brown lipstick color and finds it difficult to combine this lipstick with the right outfits, mixing with bright red lipstick will be the solution for you. This duo also helps to cover up dull, poor-colored lips very well!


8. Mix orange pink lipstick = Peach + Orange earth

For girls who love sweet style, this duo is a must-have lipstick mix. Hong Dao is like a "guarantee" lipstick color for femininity, bringing a sweet and youthful feeling, making the face more bright and attractive. The lipstick color will be more balanced when you mix the Peach Pink with the Earth Orange. This special harmony will help the earthy orange color not be too monotonous and the peach color not too prominent!


9. Pink lotus + Bright orange = Orange red

These two special lipstick colors when swatched separately, it is difficult for her to combine with appropriate makeup. If you do not skillfully make up delicately, the pink lotus color lipstick easily creates a cheesy feeling, the bright orange lipstick makes the face easy to "fade" ahead of its age. However, when combining 2 lipstick tones that seem to "do not match" together, they create a beautiful red-orange lipstick tone. The red-orange tone is the "national" lipstick color that is very suitable for Asian skin, white enamel and helps to brighten the face!


10. Mix lipstick to create Ombre color from earthy orange and red earth

If she is a follower of earth tone lipstick without knowing this good combination, it is a big omission! The lipstick color is mixed with orange-red but not too prominent thanks to the brown color. However, that much is enough to make her stand out in all the fun! Use earthy orange lipstick as an ombre lip base from the center of the lips gently to the edge of the lips. Swatch adds earthy red lipstick that will make you sexier than ever!


Above, Kenhphunu has suggested for you 10 ways to mix the hottest lipstick colors in 2022.

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