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Just wash your hair with a conditioner that moisturizes dry, frizzy hair, you will immediately have surprisingly shiny hair

Those who bleach and dye their hair for a long time can try not to wash their hair with shampoo, only use conditioner, to increase moisture for the hair.

Only washing hair with a conditioner (conditioner), not using shampoo in daily hair care is a popular way of hair care.

When you only use conditioner without shampoo, you limit your hair's exposure to the strong detergents of the shampoo, helping the hair roots to retain the necessary amount of natural oils, enhancing the moisture of the hair. hair. Washing hair without shampoo may sound "dirty", but it is quite good for dry hair.

What type of hair should apply this method?

This hair care regimen is recommended for those with naturally curly, dry hair, or those who color their hair. Basically, curly hair is drier when compared to straight hair. Hair fibers have an uneven structure, so they are curled up. The bent sections create crevices, exposing the core of the hair to the air, making it vulnerable to weather damage.


When you wash your hair with shampoo too often, stripping your hair of its natural oils, you're making your hair even more dry. Switching to a conditioner-only method without shampoo will protect your hair better.

As for women who often dye their hair, only washing their hair with conditioner will limit the loss of hair color - especially prominent colors. Just washing your hair with conditioner also helps to strengthen your hair strands.

Benefits of shampooing only with conditioner

Your hair will no longer be frizzy and scattered

After you wash your hair with shampoo, the active ingredient washes away all the oil and dirt on the hair. So you feel the hair becomes light and loose. This feeling will no longer exist when you just wash your hair with conditioner. The hair fiber will always have a certain amount of weight, because it retains more oil and moisture. It's also easier to style your hair with just conditioner.

It took a while to get used to this feeling

At first, the scalp may feel a bit greasy, heavy. When switching to the method of shampooing only with conditioner, in the early stages, many people will even have a little dandruff, if they do not massage and rub their scalp thoroughly with their fingers. It will take about 2 weeks for your scalp to adapt to the change in your care routine.


How to wash hair with conditioner

Only apply conditioner to the ends of your hair. The roots are already soft and moisturized with the oil in your scalp, so there is no need to add conditioner.

Conditioner is specially formulated with active ingredients that lock in moisture, instead of the harsh chemicals found in shampoo. If you apply conditioner to the roots of your hair, it can cause excess oil and dirt to deposit into the roots of your hair. Over the long term, this habit will clog the hair follicles and cause hair loss.

- When you only wash your hair with conditioner, you need to massage your scalp thoroughly. No more chemical detergents in shampoo, your fingers are the only method to clean the scalp. 


- You can wash your hair with conditioner every day. On days when you feel your hair is too greasy, you can dilute white vinegar / apple cider vinegar with cold water to wash your hair first.

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