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Letting your hair go to sleep doesn't think it's harmful, but it's unbelievably harmful, you need to pay attention

Going to bed with your hair down on a regular basis, although comfortable, can sometimes be harmful to your hair.

Hair needs the same care as your skin. In addition to adding nutrients and styling your hair, there is one note you need to keep in mind that is sleeping with your hair down. Going to bed with your hair down can affect the hair strands and cause more harm than you think. Here are the reasons you should not let your hair fall to bed.

Messy hair

The friction of the hair against the pillow can cause the hair to become frizzy and tangled. Repeating this process can also weaken your hair strands.


Hair turns curly

Sleeping with your hair loose can also cause your hair to lose moisture, making it prone to frizz, even if you've tried every styling product to fix that frizz. Pillows can also cause frizz, because the more friction, the more moisture is lost.

Causes acne

For those with sensitive skin, it's best to limit your hair from touching your face. Styling products and conditioners that build up in the hair can stick to the skin at night, causing skin irritation. In fact, people with long hair can even get acne on their backs, and keeping your hair down and touching your face while sleeping can cause acne and some skin diseases.

Affects hair growth

Sleeping with your hair down can make your hair damaged, grow slower, and fall out much more easily. If you are wishing for long, healthy hair, remember to protect your hair even while you sleep.


Split ends

Split ends are unsightly because they look unhealthy and tangled. Leaving your hair down at night can damage your hair, causing breakage and split ends. If you sleep on a silk pillowcase, it will be gentler and better for your hair.

Reduced quality of sleep

Going to bed with your hair down not only makes you prone to headaches in the morning, but also makes it easy to lose sleep. While you are sleeping, your hair can rub against your face and disturb your sleep. Hair care advice before going to bed is to gently brush and braid into loose braids.

There are a few easy ways to take care of your hair while you're sleeping instead of letting it fall:

* A silk or satin scarf will keep your ends healthy and won't strip moisture from your hair.

* Don't use curling iron, braid your hair before going to bed. This will keep your hair away from your face at night and give you natural curls in the morning.

Going to bed with your hair down often, although comfortable, can sometimes be harmful to your hair, so you need to pay attention to adjust the habit accordingly.

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