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Mistakes in eye makeup make the face look old

No matter how good the facial skin is, if the eye skin is damaged, it can make girls lose confidence and look older than their real age.


Eye makeup is often the most important step that requires the most technique and time. Here are the mistakes when making eye makeup that women often encounter that make their appearance look older.

Using eyeliner too dark

It is a fact that too much eyeliner will make your appearance look old immediately. Especially using black eyeliner easily makes the girls' eye makeup look hard and fierce. Therefore, choosing a light-colored eyeliner like light brown will help your eyes look brighter and more youthful.

Eyeliner too thick

Too thick eyeliner also makes her face look old. Especially girls who want a smoky eye, be careful when applying a thick eyeliner. Otherwise, instead of getting a luxurious look, the look will be "spoiled". Therefore, it is recommended to use a thin eyeliner to make the eyes look more natural.

Use a concealer that is lighter than your face

Choosing a concealer is like choosing a foundation, a girl must choose a color that matches her skin tone. Do not follow the advice of beauty bloggers because the nature of each person's skin color is different. Eye makeup should also not use concealer too pale compared to the face skin, it is best to choose a concealer 1-2 shades lighter than your skin tone.


Do not apply primer

Primer is like one of the "assistants" in makeup. That's why many makeup artists recommend that women apply primer before applying eye makeup because primers contain hyaluronic acid to help make the skin around the eyes more moist and the eye makeup to last longer.

Use powder eyeshadow

If you are encouraged to use eyeshadow, you should choose cream rather than powder. Powder eyeshadow will make your eye makeup look older, while cream eyeshadow will keep the color for a longer time.


Eye makeup is too glittery

Filling your eyes with too much glitter with cream/shadow will make your girlfriend's eye makeup look aged in no time. Therefore, experts share if you like glitter eyes, you should stop because when using glitter to draw eyes, it will be easier to reveal wrinkles and dry skin more clearly.

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