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Revealing 6 essential foods to help quit alcohol effectively

People who are addicted to alcohol or regularly drink alcohol often face a lot of health problems, even in the future. So, quit smoking or limit drinking immediately and supplement the following food sources to ensure safety and health.

1. Fruits and vegetables

Compared to other foods, fruits and vegetables have a slower digestion rate due to their high fiber content. Therefore, eating fruits and vegetables will help regulate blood sugar and effectively detox the body.

In addition, fruits are also an extremely good source of water and vitamins for the body. Fruits contain antioxidants, help strengthen immunity and promote the body's recovery process, make people alert, healthy, gradually stay away from alcohol.


2. Bitter gourd leaves (bitter gourd)

Bitter melon leaves, also known as bitter melon, have a very good effect in eliminating toxic substances outside the body, and have the effect of reducing alcohol cravings effectively. With a simple but extremely effective way at home, you have an easy way to quit alcohol. Pick a few bitter gourd leaves, wash them, and pound them. Then mix with boiling water, filter the leaves to make drinking water every day.

However, for some people, this drink is quite difficult to drink, so to make it easier to use, before drinking, add a little sugar or salt.


3. Gotu kola

The cause of alcohol cravings is due to stress from work or in family life, love, people want to turn to alcohol to relieve that stress. And gotu kola is a great remedy to relieve those stress. You can pound gotu kola, squeeze the water to make a drink directly or drink gotu kola juice mixed with green beans to create a drink that is both delicious and effective. If you do not want to make a drink, you can simply cook gotu kola soup with very delicious beef. Those who are looking to quit drinking don't forget to add gotu kola to their menu every day!


4. Ginger Oil

Ginger essential oil is very effective in reducing alcohol cravings. You can put ginger essential oil in an essential oil diffuser or aromatherapy lamp, which will be more effective than expected. The aroma of essential oils will help you feel comfortable, pleasant and no longer crave alcohol. Therefore, this is a very suitable fragrance for people who are addicted to alcohol.


5. Celery

Celery juice is very good for people who are detoxing from alcohol. Not only do they reduce cravings for alcohol, they also aid in detoxification of the body, as well as many general health benefits. Make two cups of celery juice for yourself every day to improve health and detox effectively!


6. Coconut oil

Many people think that drinking can help relieve stress, but that is just an illusion of themselves. Drinking alcohol can easily lead to stress, accelerate oxidation, and affect glucose metabolism in the brain. Meanwhile, coconut oil is rich in antioxidants, which help nourish the body and restore the brain. Every day, you just need to add 1-2 tablespoons of virgin coconut oil to your food to be able to effectively support alcohol withdrawal.

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