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Revealing a comprehensive beauty care technique with just one lip balm

Just carry a colorless lip balm in your pocket, you can also take care of your beauty in a fairly comprehensive way.

In this season, even if you don't care about wearing makeup, it is indispensable for a colorless lip balm to soften dry lips. In fact, lip balm can also replace many beauty products that you have to carry every day in your bag. Let's explore the "unbelievable" beauty uses of the lip balm you still use this season.

1. Skin care around nails

The skin of the hands is dry, and may have to come in contact with food or detergents. If you don't have a tube of hand cream, just use your own lip balm to apply to the skin around the nail, then gently massage. You will see the areas of skin that are scratched with bamboo shoots calm down immediately. This method can be applied to both women and men, and also to children.


2. Tidy up your baby's hair

With dry, fibrous hair that is difficult to fold, especially the hairs on the top of the head or around the bangs or are loose, not in place. You just need to stroke them with your hands, use a little colorless balm instead of hair wax. Lip balm is moisturizing and sticky, but doesn't dry out hair like waxes or hair gels do.

3. Brush your eyebrows

For those with thick, uneven eyebrows, you can take advantage of lip balm to brush your eyebrows, instead of specialized eyebrow gels. You also just need to hold the lipstick and apply it directly to the two eyebrows, then use your fingers or a cotton swab to smooth the lip balm to absorb, bringing the eyebrows in one direction, looking neater and more feminine. 


4. Smooth skin care

You can also use your own colorless lip balm instead of the highlighter. After using the foundation, apply a little colorless lip balm on the cheeks, spread evenly, immediately create a smooth skin effect, especially prominent under the light.

5. Remove makeup

You can temporarily use lip balm to remove makeup for small areas like removing eye makeup. Note that you should not use spicy balms such as mint or cinnamon, as this can cause eye irritation.

You should cut a piece of lip balm into a cotton pad, then fold the cotton pad in the palm of your hand to warm it up, making the balm melt for easy use. Then, place the cotton pad on your eyes, hold for a few seconds, and then wipe from top to bottom. The balm will melt away the layers of mascara, eyeshadow or eyeliner, you can wash it off with cleanser and water to clean it completely. 


6. Eye care

If you wake up with dark circles, puffy eyes and tired eyes, you can temporarily use lip balm to moisturize your eyes. Apply lipstick evenly around the areas of dark or swollen skin, then pat gently with your ring finger to allow the balm to penetrate into the eyes. The moisture of the lip balm helps to smooth out fine lines around the eyes, making you look fresher and younger.

7. Skin care around the nose

After using a tissue to blow your nose, many people will find the nose dry, itchy, very uncomfortable. At these times, immediately use a little lip balm to apply evenly on the nose, focusing on the sides of the nose and the corners of the nose, which are the most prone to dryness and redness. You will notice a soft, pleasant nose immediately, especially when applied at night, before going to bed.

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