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Steps to Wash Your Face Correctly Every Day

Most people think that just applying cleanser to the skin is enough, but it's really not enough. Knowing the steps to wash your face properly, you will see your skin improve significantly: cleaner, smoother and cosmetics absorbed into the skin more easily.


1/ Choose the Right Facial Cleanser for Skin

The first important thing is that you need to choose the right cleanser for your skin type.

Our skin is always changing with the seasons, so cleansers also need to change constantly to match.

If your skin is relatively stable (usually in the southern region, the temperature is not much different all year round), then you can choose a cleanser suitable for all skin types (on the label it says "for all skin types". ")

As for women whose skin has changed markedly, such as extremely oily in the summer and extremely dry in the winter, choosing a cleanser specifically for your skin type will bring optimal results.

+ for dry skin: the label says "for dry skin"

+ for oily skin: the label says "for oily skin"

Because what if the skin is dry and uses SRM with oil control? Surely the skin will be more dry, rough, rough, gradually worn away.

What about oily skin, but using SRM has a lot of moisturizing agents? As a result, the skin will be more shiny, pores accumulate oil, creating favorable conditions for acne to multiply.

– There are many women who will think that “changing facial cleanser continuously like that is too wasteful, the expiry date is still long, I will use 1 bottle when it runs out and then change it” – also a common sentiment.

But pay close attention, the expiration date is divided into 2 different forms:

+ Expiry date is calculated from the date of manufacture: we often see when we plan to buy and use (industrial products are usually 2 years or 3 years)

+ Expiry date is calculated from the date of opening the lid: from the time we start using (very few people see this parameter).

HSD after opening the lid is a picture of an open box with a number in it. Usually 3M (3 months), 6M (6 months) and 12M (12 months). Natural products have a shorter HSD after opening the lid than industrial products.

Please take a look at the pictures below to see more clearly:

Therefore, Ha feels that choosing a small, moderate-capacity cleanser will be better than buying a large bottle. Because the bottle is used up is the beginning of a new season and I always use new products.

People often buy large bottles at the beginning because they think that it is better than buying small bottles, but then they will realize that before using the bottle, the new season has begun and the skin changes. I "king" again to use it, it hurts the skin, but if I leave it, I feel sorry for the excess product, if I save it for the next season, then it will expire. Very headache.

2/ Enhanced Cleansing

Women who have oily, rough skin, the nature of work has to go out a lot, then at the end of the day, add makeup remover to your skin care routine to enhance cleaning ability.

Many people think that if you do not wear makeup or do not use sunscreen, it is not necessary to remove makeup. In fact, with "pure" skin without cosmetics, dirt is easier to stick to the skin.

Just add makeup remover before using the cleanser, you will see a lot of improvement in your skin.

3/ Steps to Wash Your Face

There are 8 steps to properly wash your face as follows:

– Step 1: Wash your hands with soap. Dirty hands that come into contact with SRM are like using SRM to wash hands, the level of cleansing for the face will be reduced, not to mention the bacteria on the hands will be easier to stick to the face.

– B2: remove makeup for the skin (if any)

– B3: wet face and neck with water

– B4: put SRM in the palm of your hand, add a few drops of water to create foam

In the past, Ha often skipped this step, poured SRM into her hands and applied it directly to her face.

– B5: massage foam all over the face and neck. Use your ring finger (pinkie) to massage in a circular motion from the inside to the outside, with the index finger, rub the wings of the nose/chin/forehead.

– B6: wash with water, it is recommended to wash with the operation from bottom to top, from inside to outside to lift the skin. Do not wash in a pull-down direction, which can cause skin to sag.

– B7: use a towel to dry the water, don't wipe it down, causing the skin to rub

– B8: use toner – also known as rose water to rebalance the skin (if any)

Follow the above sequence regularly, you will see your face is cleaner, more airy, acne is reduced and the skin is much more beautiful.

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