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Take a look at the wonderful skin-beautifying uses of dragon fruit that many women do not know

Dragon fruit is a fruit with great skin beauty benefits that many women do not know.

Dragon fruit is a low-energy fruit with a very rich amount of fiber. Dragon fruit also contains a large amount of vitamin C, an antioxidant that helps to whiten the skin and prevent dark spots. More importantly, this fruit also has a large amount of white substance, which when combined with heavy metal ions in the body will have a detoxifying effect.


Helps reduce acne

Due to the presence of vitamin C content, dragon fruit helps reduce acne, when applied topically. Take the dragon fruit peel off the skin, now use a fork to mash it, creating a smooth paste. Use a cotton ball to soak this mixture on the acne skin to see the effect.

Make skin brighter

The vitamin C content in dragon fruit helps protect the skin against dullness and makes your skin look rejuvenated. Drinking a glass of dragon fruit juice every day is the best way to make skin glow and maintain skin health. You can also apply this pureed fruit mixture to your skin for a glowing skin.


Free radicals damage cells and cause oxidative stress, leaving skin dull and dehydrated. Moreover, free radicals cause your skin to age prematurely. Using a dragon fruit mask for skin care can prevent the harmful effects of free radicals, preventing early signs of aging such as wrinkles and sagging skin.

Protect hair when doing chemicals

Dragon fruit juice is a great conditioner for dyed or chemically treated hair. By applying dragon fruit juice or a dragon fruit extract product to your scalp, you can protect your dyed or chemically treated hair. Dragon fruit juice keeps the hair follicles open, keeping your hair healthy and soft.

Good digestion

The fiber content contained in red flesh dragon fruit is also very high compared to other fruits, including 2 types of insoluble fiber (cellulose) and soluble fiber (pectin) to help regulate the functioning of the system. digestion, reducing substances dangerous to the body such as: fats, cholesterol, toxins ... reduce the risk of acne, boils on the skin.

Helps to lose fat

The composition of red flesh dragon fruit is completely fat-free, along with low energy levels and rich in fiber to help keep the body away from obesity, the most dangerous enemy to women's beauty and health. .

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