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The food, no matter how hungry, should not be eaten in the morning, health declines, aging "no brake"

Busy life makes many people choose "hurried breakfast". However, people should note that no matter how hungry they are, they should not eat the following foods.

Due to routine or busyness, breakfast for many people is often not taken seriously. Sometimes there is a tendency to combine breakfast with lunch. But you may not know that breakfast is the most important meal, affecting your spirit, mood and productivity throughout the day. But no matter how hungry you are, do not eat this dish in the morning, it will backfire and make you always sick and quickly aging.

1. Sausage


Sausage is a favorite dish of many people, especially children. It is made from pork, beef or chicken... mixed with some other ingredients and contains preservatives. Sausage contains quite a lot of energy, and low in fiber, if eaten a lot at breakfast, will not be a good choice for a healthy heart. Ideally, you should eat them with green vegetables or other dishes.

According to researchers, every 3.5 grams of processed meat you eat increases your risk of heart disease by 42 percent. Processed meat has also been linked to high blood pressure and cancer, a major cause of obesity.

2. Donuts, fried foods


Fried foods are often fried at high temperatures, the nutrients are almost degraded. On the other hand, during the frying process, a lot of substances harmful to health will be produced. After eating, it can reduce immunity, damage the stomach, or people with weak health are easy to get sick.

Donuts are always high in fat and contain a lot of sugar and refined flour, leading to an increase in blood sugar. This problem also causes mid-morning hunger pangs, making you hungry, tired and lazy during the day.

3. Baked Pastries


Baked pastries are often made from refined grains and are often lacking in vitamins, minerals, and nutrient-rich fiber, unlike those found in whole grains.

If you want cake, make your own healthy toast by toasting a piece of wholemeal bread, adding some nut butter like almond or peanut butter, and topping it with slices of fruit. like banana slices and berries and sprinkle on healthy nuts like chia or flax seeds.

4. Instant Noodles


Instant noodles are probably a favorite breakfast dish of many Vietnamese people due to their cheap and popular characteristics, variety of flavors and ease of eating.

Shrimp noodles are made from the main ingredient of wheat flour (tapioca) which is the main source of energy from powdered sugar and fat, the amount of protein is very little and mainly vegetable protein. Therefore, if you only eat instant noodles without adding protein and green vegetables, the meal is not balanced, if used regularly and continuously, the body will be deprived of necessary nutrients, affecting the health of the body. immune system, blood vessels, causing vitamin and mineral deficiency. On the other hand, instant noodles contain a lot of saturated fat (containing many saturated fatty acids, difficult to digest), carbohydrates (starch) and very little fiber, increasing the risk of developing cardiovascular syndrome.

The fat in regular instant noodles all add antioxidants, but it only slows down the oxidation rate, prolonging the time to change the flavor of instant noodles. Long-term intake of too many antioxidants will adversely affect the endocrine system and promote aging.

5. Fast food


Fast foods such as hamburgers, pizzas... used in the morning will save you a lot of time and effort and are delicious. However, most fast foods contain quite a lot of fat and lack vitamins and fiber, which easily pushes you to get overweight, cardiovascular disease...

6. Coffee or tea

Starting a new day with a cup of hot tea or coffee is a way to help you replenish energy to stay awake for work. But if you drink tea or coffee on an empty stomach, it won't do you any good. Then you will have a nagging feeling in the intestines due to the bad impact of substances in coffee and tea on the digestive system. For tea or coffee in the morning, have some breakfast food first.

7. Cow's milk


If your breakfast has enough flour, fiber and protein, then adding cow's milk will make your breakfast full of nutrients. However, do not drink cow's milk on an empty stomach, then the stomach can't digest, the small intestine can't absorb it, it can't promote its nutritional value. abdominal distension...

Note further, if your stomach is empty, you should consider not eating foods such as:

+ Yeast-healing foods like bread can stimulate flatulence

High-sugar foods increase insulin levels

+ Yogurt and fermented substances will reduce the beneficial digestive acids in the stomach

+ Pears, tomatoes, cucumbers, bananas should not be eaten on an empty stomach

+ Spicy food and drinking high-carb soft drinks

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