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The mistake when washing your face that 90% of girls make, why take care of your skin but still look bad

You must be careful not to make the following mistakes in the process of washing your face.

Wash the entire face area

Do not let the soap bubbles come into contact with the sensitive areas of the lips and eyes. Many people often have the habit of washing the entire face and making these two delicate areas quickly dry and aging. For eyes and lips, a little cleansing oil with warm water is enough!


Choose the wrong face wash

This is the reason why acne appears massively even when you have a perfect skin hygiene regime. Not to mention factors such as allergies, peeling will appear if the product you are using is really "crack" with the characteristics of the skin.

When buying a cleanser, look at the small and middle words on each cleanser tube: "for oily skin", "dry skin" or "sensitive skin" (sensitive skin). )… to see what you need.

Use a towel to rub your skin

Use a towel to pat your face gently, not rub it. Of course, such rubbing can give you a clean feeling, but it also damages the elasticity of the skin. In particular, do not conveniently use any towel closest to you to wipe your face, whether or not someone else is using it.


Don't take the time to moisturize your skin

To help the skin absorb nutrients well and always retain enough moisture, remember to apply moisturizer immediately after washing your face. Use the same trick when applying serums and other skin-specific products. Waiting until your skin is completely dry will allow the ingredients in the moisturizer to penetrate deeper.

Besides the mistakes when washing your face, please note 3 ways to wash your face that beauty experts often apply as follows:

1. Cover your face with a warm towel

According to Georgia Louise - a beauty expert in New York, oily skin areas, easy to clog pores such as nose, forehead or chin, ... need more attention. Skin is cleaned every corner, clean pores will become bright, healthy and easily absorb nutrients from other skincare products.

2. Use a gentle cleanser

Gentle cleansers that do not damage the skin barrier are always recommended by doctors. According to dermatologist Shari Marchbein, an assistant professor at New York University, gentle gel cleansers are an integral part of women's skin care routines, and she herself uses them. use this type.


There are many reasons why the skin is not as desired even after using one type, in this case it must be changed immediately. Or maybe you just use hot water instead of cleanser, sometimes it's still not clean enough and moisturizes the skin as desired.

3. Use cotton gauze to massage

This interesting secret was personally shared by a famous beauty consultant in the US – Shani Darden. After completing the makeup removal stage, use a foaming cleanser thoroughly and then massage into the face. Next, take a few cotton swabs, absorb water, wipe until the face is clean of foam of the new cleanser. Accordingly, cotton swabs will thoroughly exfoliate dead skin cells without harming the skin.

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