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The secret to applying water powder without drying, moldy skin

Powder is favored by makeup followers because of its high efficiency and convenience. However, when applying powder, many women encounter the problem of clumping, uneven cream. So how to fix it?

Applying makeup powder is a way to help smooth skin naturally. However, how to hit is a prerequisite for a girlfriend to have the most perfect background. To avoid the condition of the cream layer being uneven and unsightly, you should follow the correct steps.


Facial cleansing

Washing your face is the first step in any skincare or makeup routine. Cleansing the skin is extremely important to help you remove dead cells, dirt, and open pores. Create conditions for the cream, powder to adhere evenly on the skin. After washing your face, you should apply a little rose water to the skin to balance the pH to help with natural softness and smoothness.

Fully moisturizing skin

Signs of moldy skin after applying makeup shows that your skin is lacking in moisture. Wait for about 3-5 minutes for the rose water to penetrate into the skin and then proceed to moisturize the face. You can choose moisturizers with a light gel texture.

When using the cream, pay attention to dot 5 points of cream on the areas: forehead, cheeks, chin and nose, gently massage with your fingers so that the nutrients penetrate deeply into the skin. After this step, do not forget to apply a layer of sunscreen to protect the skin against the effects of UV rays.

Evenly spread the cushion (water powder) on the face

Use a cotton pad to absorb an appropriate amount of cushion. Then, spread the powder evenly over the areas of the skin. Because the characteristic of water powder is that it has a large moisturizing content, it is very easy for you to spread it evenly on your face. The fine powder particles will also absorb very quickly on the skin.

After you have covered the cushion, you should rotate the puff. Use the remaining puff to absorb the remaining cream. This helps to create a smooth, shiny effect on the skin.


Note: Just gently press the makeup sponge when taking out the powder. If you press too hard, the amount of chalk will spill out causing waste. Taking a little bit of powder will also help you spread the powder on your skin more evenly. As a result, the makeup will look smoother.

For the eye area, corner of the eye or around the eyes, you can fold the makeup cotton pad in half to easily apply the powder.

Each type of powder (cushion) usually has 2-3 tones (light, medium, dark). Choose the color that best suits your skin tone for a natural makeup look.

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