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The secret to owning long-lasting makeup, despite the hot summer day

On hot summer days, makeup that quickly fades and is easily tarnished is the obsession of every girl. How to have a smooth, dry, long-lasting foundation all day long?


Cool skin before applying makeup

Ice will cool the skin quickly, helping the pores to tighten, making the makeup last longer. This is one of the tips that many makeup artists apply to models backstage at shows.

Use a small ice cube, gently apply all over the skin surface for 3-5 seconds, avoiding the thin skin around the eyes, then use a clean towel to dry the skin and start applying moisturizer to the skin before start applying makeup.

Moisturized skin will be soft and easy to "eat" powder. However, on hot days, you should not use skin care products with a dense texture because they easily clog pores. Moisturizing gel or moisturizing milk would be better options.

Choose a silicone-based primer

For makeup to last long, you should always have a primer as a foundation. Primer is the step used before applying foundation to help maximize its benefits such as covering, evening out skin tone or creating a smooth shine for the foundation. In addition, the primer also helps to keep the makeup more durable and long-lasting because it helps to tightly bind the skin to the foundation layer, and at the same time absorbs excess oil, eliminating the condition of the foundation being smudged and discolored. time.

Therefore, primer will be a "savior" to help you get rid of a greasy skin after a long day in the hot sun and reduce the number of times you have to apply powder due to oil washing away makeup.

In hot summer days, choose silicone-based primers to increase oil control. A small note is that silicone-based primer is only suitable for those with oily skin, combination skin, large pores. When choosing a silicone-based foundation, it is advisable to properly remove makeup to avoid clogging pores and causing acne.

Use chalk to absorb oil

In hot and humid weather, liquid cosmetics such as liquid eyeliner, eye color and cream cheek color… are often quite easy to smudge and flow. To limit this situation, you should cover all with a colorless oil-absorbing mineral powder, or add eyeshadow, blush of the same color to these two areas to fix the makeup underneath.

Use matte lipstick to apply blush

To keep the blush longer in hot weather, you can use matte lipstick as blush. Dot matte lipstick on cheeks, use brush to spread quickly and evenly. If you have oily skin, you can continue to buff your cheeks with a layer of blush of the same color. After these manipulations, you can rest assured with your cheeks rosy and fresh all day long, despite the hot weather.


Mineral spray after makeup

After completing the long-lasting makeup steps, you should use mineral spray to keep the makeup lasting forever. The mist on the surface of the skin fixes the foundation, helps absorb excess oil and reduces shine, of course the pores on your skin will be much smaller, the skin from there will be significantly improved.

Hold the spray bottle about 30cm away from the face and spray a mist on the face. Wait for it to dry for 30 seconds. Note, you should avoid wet spray because it will cause the makeup to spread.

Long lasting lipstick

First, you apply a thin layer of lip balm on your lips, use a tissue to absorb the shine, and then apply lipstick. Lip balm is essential to create lasting moisture for the lips, but if you apply lipstick right after the lip balm, the lipstick color will easily slip off the surface of the lips and easily smudge when eating.

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