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The time to apply a mask is both expensive and makes the skin not beautiful

Masks help to moisturize and beautify the skin, but do not arbitrarily apply it at any time. Here are the times when you should not wear a mask to avoid skin not being able to absorb it.

When the skin is not clean

Cleansing is a fundamental and important part of skin care. After a long day, the skin contains a lot of dirt, sweat, chemicals from cosmetic chemicals. If not cleaned thoroughly, the skin will be severely affected.


Especially, if you apply the mask with an unwashed skin. Then the impurities, dirt, and nutrients in the mask will penetrate deeper into the skin. This can cause skin rashes, allergic conditions, redness ...

When the face has a lot of acne

When the skin is severely acne-prone, you should not apply a mask because at this time the skin is very fragile and sensitive. Applying a mask at this time can cause skin allergies and irritation.

In addition, the nutrients in the mask can clog pores. Create a favorable environment, promote the growth of acne-causing bacteria. So during this time, you should only use acne-fighting products and simple skin care to return the skin to a balanced state.

Do not wear a mask when in an air-conditioned room

When in an air-conditioned room, the mask often absorbs moisture back from the skin. Dry skin and lose its natural moisture. Moreover, being in low temperature will effectively reduce the nutrients in the mask. Therefore, you should take the time to apply the mask at room temperature.

While bathing

To save the most time, many of you often take advantage of the shower while wearing a mask. In fact, this habit is not good at all, because when bathing, sweat, dirt and nutrients all mix together to form a whole that can be harmful to the skin, especially penetrating down. Pores can form inflammatory acne.


Instead, take a shower and clean your face so that your skin is slightly balanced after you have just finished showering, then apply a mask.

After 10pm

Around 10 pm onwards is the time when our skin produces new skin, the body purifies toxins and metabolism. And applying a mask at this time inadvertently prevents the skin from metabolism and skin regeneration.

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