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The times when you should not wear a mask if you don't want to waste money and harm your skin

There are some times when wearing a mask does not work, you should not waste money.

In the air-conditioned room

Low temperature is not a favorable environment for nutrients to penetrate into the skin. Moreover, when in an air-conditioned room, sheet masks tend to absorb moisture from the skin. This reverses the action of the mask you are using.



After 11 pm, the body will go into a state of self-repair of damaged cells, purifying toxins, metabolism, and producing new skin. Therefore, to maintain health and youthful skin, you should sleep before 11 pm instead of wearing a mask.

Pay attention and avoid using a paper mask at this time to protect the health of your skin, and at the same time do not spend too much money without achieving anything.


Do not wear a mask when taking a shower

Many people think that bathing is the time when the pores are the most open, so that the nutrients are absorbed deeper and faster. However, this is the time when dirt is most likely to penetrate deep into your pores, causing hidden acne and inflammatory acne.

Take a little rest after bathing to let the skin gradually return to its equilibrium and then using a mask is the best time.

You should apply the mask at the following hours to ensure absorption of nutrients:

Morning from 8 a.m. to 9 a.m

This is the time when blood circulation takes place very quickly, so at this time, your skin will be sensitive and absorb nutrients from the mask the best. After waking up and finishing personal hygiene, apply a layer of toner (rose water) and then apply a mask. Not only does it add the necessary moisture to the skin, but this step also softens the skin, making it easy to apply makeup and without the appearance of peeling or chalky foundation.


Lunch from 11am to 12pm

Hot weather is also when the sebaceous glands on the skin are active, leading to the maximum expansion of the pores, making it easy for dirt to attack and stick. For that reason, applying a mask at this time will help the skin remove the bacteria that are deep in the pores. At the same time, sheet masks also provide essential moisture to "cure" the skin of the face when exposed to the hot sunny environment outside.

Sheet masks or natural masks each have their own characteristics and add different nutrients. Therefore, each week you should apply a sheet mask on average 2-3 times and alternate with mask recipes from nature to ensure the skin is provided with the most nutrients.

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