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This is the reason why even though I actively use sunscreen, my skin is getting darker and darker

If you actively use sunscreen but your skin is getting darker, see the reasons below.

Forgot to reapply the cream

This must be the mistake of using the most common sunscreen. After a certain period of time, the cream will gradually lose its effect because part of the substance is absorbed into the skin, the rest is swept away by sweat, oil, and cosmetics. Experts still recommend reapplying the cream every 2-3 hours.


Are you applying sunscreen correctly?

Not simply opening the lid and immediately applying the cream to the skin, the skin protection step is completed. Any beauty treatment has its own set of rules.

Please maintain the habit of applying sunscreen 30 minutes before going out, and after outdoor activities for 2-3 hours / time for the best protection.

Don't just apply the cream to the face, but apply it to other parts of the body such as the neck, hands, shoulders, etc. with sunscreen products specifically for that location.


When should it be sunny to use sunscreen?

In fact, UV rays (the agents that damage the skin) always exist anytime, anywhere, so even if it's cloudy, cloudy... they can still have a negative effect on the skin. of sisters. Therefore, in order to have the best protection for your skin, you need to practice the habit of using sunscreen before going out, no matter what the weather is like at that time.

The amount of cream for your 1 application

Areas of uneven skin tone are visible on the outside, but hidden inside are other dangers.” It is because of the mistake of using this sunscreen that you misunderstand that the cream does not work. You can save expensive foundation, cream… but with sunscreen, you shouldn't.

You can save a little foundation, primer, or blush on your face, but never with sunscreen. Because in order to protect your skin in the best way before the agents of the polluted environment, UV rays, ... The skin must receive enough sunscreen for 1 application.

Do not read the ingredients of sunscreen carefully before using

In order for sunscreen to bring the best effect for your skin, you need to know how to choose the most suitable type, at the same time, you must understand your skin and learn carefully the characteristics of each sunscreen before you use it. when using.


Women with sensitive skin should limit the use of chemical sunscreens and prioritize the use of physical sunscreens. For women with dry skin, it is advisable to choose a sunscreen that contains moisturizers. For women with oily skin, choose an oil-free, non-greasy sunscreen and a gel, water or spray sunscreen. For women with sensitive skin, or acne, should choose sunscreens with a thin and light texture with fast absorption, not causing skin irritation and discomfort to the skin.

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