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Tips to mix foundation to help you have smooth, clear makeup

Owning a glossy makeup like Korean stars is a trend and is favored by the beauty world. So how to make up skin stretch, clear?


Mix foundation with water

This trend is being enthusiastically "promoted" by Tiktokers when it brings a thin layer like water but still lasts a long time on the skin. The thin layer of foundation is lighter partly because when put in water, the oil layer in the foundation is lighter, so it floats to the top. Putting foundation in water also helps the cream to spread easily on the skin but retains the inherent coverage of the product.

If you are afraid to put foundation in water, you can use mineral spray and spray it directly into the foundation, this will help the skin have the same effect as putting the foundation in water.

Mix foundation with highlight

For a smooth foundation effect and healthy skin, the combination of liquid highlighter and foundation is the first choice of stars when performing in the spotlight.

This makeup tip will also minimize the chance of the foundation falling down after hours thanks to the highlighting effect and smooth emulsion in the highlight. Mix highlighter and foundation in a 1:1 ratio. The healthy glowing skin that this foundation brings will help you stand out in parties.

Mix foundation with serum

Dry and moldy skin when applying makeup is your top concern? So try combining it with a hydrating serum to keep your skin nourished even with makeup. Serum will help the foundation thinner while adding more moisture to the skin.


When using this combination, use powder to prevent the foundation from being leaked to clothes or masks due to the high moisture content of the foundation. If you have dry skin, mix 1:1 and 1/3 of the serum when you have combination and oily skin.

Mix foundation with mineral spray

This combination method leaves you with baby-soft skin that stays on all day, even if it's an active day.

All you need is a setting spray and a foundation you love. Start applying makeup lock after primer. Then apply foundation, use concealer and then spray a layer of makeup lock. If you want your makeup to last as long as possible, try mixing your foundation with some locking spray and start blending it on your skin. This tip helps the foundation layer to act as a masking filter and cover any imperfections on the face.

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