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Top 6 tips for daily skin care and beauty

The dream of a healthy, white and smooth skin without makeup is always present. Women today are always looking for a way to take care of their skin. As well as the most effective and appropriate beauty tips. Many cosmetics are launched on the market to meet the increasingly diverse beauty needs of women. Here are 6 daily skin care and beauty tips. Extremely necessary that modern women need to know.


Skin care tips

Weekly exfoliation

A gentle and scientific weekly exfoliation is essential. Makes skin smooth and whiter day by day. The acids in the scrubs slough off skin cells and reveal a brighter, whiter complexion every day. It is necessary to pay attention to the nature of the skin and the body itself to choose the most suitable exfoliating product. Avoiding damage to the skin as well as overuse of exfoliating too many times a week will also inadvertently harm the skin.

Apply a skin care mask

To get naturally beautiful glowing skin, regularly apply a face mask. The ingredients in the mask help moisturize and give you brighter, more radiant skin. Before you start applying makeup in the morning, try using a natural face mask. Besides, use more moisturizer to enhance the skin beauty effect.

Facial massage

The application of moisturizer or serum combined with facial massage. Not only does it help promote blood flow to the surface of the skin, but it also promotes the product's effects more effectively.

How To: Apply a little serum or gel moisturizer to instantly hydrate and cool the skin. Apply the cream with your hand. And move your fingertips in small circular motions, from above your forehead to below your cheekbones, then to your chin. Don't forget your jawline and neck. Use upward movements from the base of the neck up to the chin.

Makeup tips

Makeup base layer

Do not wear too much makeup. Using a thick and short makeup brush to apply makeup is the secret that you need to know in applying makeup. It gives your skin a more natural radiance.

How To: Take a small drop of foundation on your hand to warm up the product and make it easier to blend. Then, use small circular movements to apply makeup into skin. Start at the center of the forehead and then go down to the nose. Apply along cheeks then chin and finish around the jawline of the face.

The foundation is very important in makeup. Leaves foundation fresh and naturally radiant for hours. Make sure the foundation doesn't peel or wash off due to sweat and dirt throughout the day.

Use color to make the face more fresh

Use a little blush on cheeks and lips to bring a fresh look to the face. Using powder with bright colors is quite effective. Don't forget to use a bright lipstick color that matches your natural skin tone.

The purpose of makeup is mainly to make your appearance and face more sharp and fresh. Therefore, color in makeup is an extremely important factor. Contributing to the natural beauty and attractiveness of modern women.

Take advantage of the light on your face

Make use of light with different shades to highlight the face. Make-up pay attention to the high points on the face. Where light is most naturally reflected. Along the top of the cheekbones, the bridge of the nose, below the brow bone. White skin will look best with pink tones, soaked skin should choose a deeper tone.

Facial care and makeup are indispensable things for women. Do it every day in the most scientific way so that your skin is always fresh and radiant even without makeup. The combination of using more cosmetics to promote beauty is also something you should consider. As a modern woman, know how to love yourself and take care of and beautify yourself!

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