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Top 7 healthy diet foods to slimmer

Not only improve fitness and promote health, healthy diet foods also help you feel better when you eat!


To lose weight, you need to combine healthy eating and moderate exercise. However, to choose dietary foods that are both healthy and effective is not a simple matter for most people who are looking to lose weight.

If you choose to use inappropriate weight loss foods or diet too much, it will adversely affect your health. So, please refer to the following 7 healthy diet foods to eat well and still look beautiful.

1. Fish


You'd be surprised that fish surpasses both oats and vegetables in the food safety category. Fish is rich in protein and helps reduce the amount of calories absorbed by the body than protein from beef.

One study found that people who ate fish for lunch ate 11 percent less at dinner than those who ate beef. Although scientists have not yet explained why eating fish is fuller for longer, it is certain that fish is a safe food, helping you to eat less and lose weight more effectively.


Eggs are a very good source of protein for the body, helping you feel full for a long time. A recent study found that people who ate two eggs in the morning lost more than 400 calories over the next 24 hours compared to when they ate bagel. This shows that eating eggs keeps you fuller for longer and can help you lose weight effectively in the long run.

3. Vegetables

When it comes to weight loss, people will think of salads. This is a dish that helps you stay full for a long time with a combination of green vegetables, lean meat, legumes and healthy fats. One study found that women who ate salad before noon reduced their calorie intake.

Other vegetables like spinach, broccoli, kale, and carrots are also a good choice for you when it comes to weight loss. These foods are rich in fiber, contain antioxidants and many healthy nutrients . Therefore, these vegetables will help you reduce many diseases as well as contain few calories and benefit your weight loss plan.

Fruits are also a beneficial weight loss food for you. For example, eating an apple a day can help reduce body fat. In apples or other fruits with a lot of water and fiber will help you reduce blood sugar , reduce cravings, and insoluble fiber also makes you feel fuller faster.

4. Diet cereals


Whole grains are a good choice for weight loss because they are high in fiber and have a low glycemic index. According to a 2006 study published in the Journal of the American Dietetic Association , fiber-rich whole grains can help you maintain and improve the quality of your meals while you lose weight.

5. Diet cake

Cakes are actually made from starch, which is often high in calories and fat. However, there are still many cakes on the market that are made with healthy ingredients such as cereals and dark chocolate . Diet cakes as well as sugar are low in calories and will be a suitable choice for those who want to lose weight but crave sweets.

You can dig deeper to have the right choice of diet cakes to help you lose weight, but you should also be careful with the advertising guises of many of these products on the market.

6. Low-fat yogurt

A recent study found that effective dieters with a low-fat yogurt diet lost twice as much weight as those who didn't eat dairy products for 12 weeks.

The reason for this, scientists believe that calcium and bioactive substances in these dairy products will reduce the process of fat formation in the body, increase fat burning, especially waist circumference.

7. Lean meat

Meats such as beef, pork, sheep, chicken and many other animal-based meats have been viewed as our primary food source for more than a thousand years. If you think that you need to lose weight and eat less meat, you are wrong. In fact, meat is high in protein, which will keep you fuller for longer and reduce cravings.

Especially lean meat that is taken from naturally raised animals will contain more nutritional ingredients and be beneficial for your weight loss. For example, beef will contain more omega 3 and less omega 6, more linoleic acid, this is a good fatty acid that helps the body reduce fat accumulation. At the same time, beef contains a lot of vitamin A, vitamin E and antioxidants that are beneficial to the body.

Therefore, it is important when you want to lose weight but still like to eat meat that you should choose lean meat rather than eating a lot of animal fat. This makes your weight loss more comfortable and long-lasting than overeating.

Diet foods are not only healthy but also help you maintain a proper weight. However, you should not only depend on eating but also need to combine with daily exercise, improve flexibility, increase metabolism and help the body be healthier. You should also choose food sources that are safe, fresh, low in chemicals and preserved to ensure health. Dieting is a process that requires patience and long-term, so a diet is obviously the most important to help you get the slim body you want.

From now on, you can choose food, make a menu of foods that are both nutritious and easy to find for your weight loss regimen. Remember to pay attention to how to prepare food such as instead of frying with a lot of fat, you can switch to steaming or boiling to ensure the quality of a healthy diet.

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