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What is Arbutin? The effect of Arbutin on the skin you should know

For girls who want to have a bright and healthy skin, arbutin cannot be ignored . Let's Natural Beauty+ learn more about this arbutin active ingredient as well as their use in the skin care process through the following article.


1. What is Arbutin?

Alpha Arbutin is a commonly found ingredient in skin whitening products. Chemically, arbutin is considered a form of hydroquinone (a skin-whitening agent), but the arbutin molecule contains glucose. Instead of harming the body's natural melanocytes, arbutin inhibits the enzyme that produces melanin in the cells. This substance has the ability to block the activity of melanin and at the same time restore the skin with pigmentation, freckles, uneven color, making the skin white and bright naturally, completely benign without harming the skin.
what-is-arbutin-the-effect-of-arbutin-on-the-skin-you-should-knowWhat is Alpha Arbutin? (Source: Internet)

This is different from hydroquinone, which is a more active skin-lightening agent but if left unchecked can cause major side effects, such as permanent skin discoloration, in some countries around the world. hydroquinone has been banned. This is also the reason why most cosmetic researchers prefer to choose Alpha Arbutin as a whitening ingredient.

In terms of form, Alpha Arbutin is a white crystalline powder, soluble in water, with a pH ranging from 3.5 to 6.5. This is an active ingredient of plant origin, obtained from the hydrolysis of glucoside, so it is very safe. This is also the purest form of Arbutin available today, so it is often quite expensive.

Alpha Arbutin can be found in a number of fruits and grains such as blueberries, cranberries, bearberries, wheat, pears, etc. In which, the most common is the bearberry, which has been used in Europe. and North America through the centuries as a natural antibiotic before switching to chemically derived drugs as today. The reason for this is due to the presence of the active ingredient Arbutin in bearberry, which has antibacterial and anti-infective properties.

2. In what form does Alpha Arbutin exist?

Alpha Arbutin exists in two forms, alpha and beta. Alpha will have a higher level of stability, more effective than Beta. In nature, Alpha Arbutin is found in bearberry, wheat, and the leaves of blueberries and cranberries. However, it is very difficult to find from natural extracts, which is why arbutin today is mostly synthesized in the laboratory. However, this has not stopped large researchers from investing in the search for natural Alpha Arbutin extracts. Because of the fact that it is 10 times more effective than other artificial ingredients.

What form does Alpha Arbutin exist in? (Source: Internet)

3. Arbutin's skin lightening action mechanism

Thanks to the structure of hydroquinone attached to a sugar (glucose) base, Alpha Arbutin has the ability to act as an inhibitor of the oxidation of tyrosinase enzyme - an important enzyme involved in the body's melanin production. This inhibitory activity occurs thanks to the similarity in structure of the hydroquinone and tyrosinase groups, providing a safe and benign skin tone-up effect.

In addition, Alpha Arbutin can also act as a reserve for the gradual release of hydroquinone. After being absorbed into the skin, hydrolysis helps to separate the glucose group from Arbutin more slowly. Thereby preventing the skin from being exposed to too much hydroquinone at the same time, minimizing unwanted side effects but still providing a sustainable whitening effect. The safe use of Alpha Arbutin for skin whitening has also been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

4. What effect does Arbutin have on the skin?

Appearing in regular skin care ingredients, this shows that the application of Alpha Arbutin is very large, considered a "panacea" in the cosmetic world, mainly its uses will be:Increases pigmentation, reduces tanning after sun exposure.

Facial skin care to even out skin tone, overcome brown spots, accumulate on the skin, treat acne ...
Prevents aging, inhibits the activity of free radicals, brings youthful skin, full of vitality.
It is an indispensable ingredient when treating melasma and freckles.

5. How to use Alpha Arbutin effectively

In order for Alpha Arbutin to work best on the skin, you should apply products containing arbutin after the mask or serum to help this active ingredient penetrate the skin better. Thereby promoting the effect of tone lifting and whitening, healthy skin. Note, you should let products containing arbutin dry completely before applying moisturizer.

6. Side effects of Alpha Arbutin

Although researchers have proven that Alpha Arbutin is of plant origin, it is very safe for the skin. However, like other skin beautifying ingredients in cosmetics, Arbutin can still cause some side effects such as skin irritation, acne , atopic dermatitis or more sensitivity. with the sun. However, this problem usually only arises when the manufacturer does not guarantee the quality of the product or the consumer abuses the product, including the following cases:Use more than the recommended dosage to accelerate whitening results.

Allergic to Arbutin or the ingredients combined in the product.
Do not follow the instructions for use on the packaging.

Does Alpha Arbutin have any side effects? (Source: Internet)

If you experience any side effects when whitening your skin with Arbutin, you need to stop using it immediately and see a specialist for treatment instructions.

The special feature of Alpha Arbutin that people love widely is its benignity. Currently, there are no studies that definitively show that taking Alpha Arbutin in large amounts and long-term can harm the skin, but most of the concentrations of them in cosmetics are very well controlled, in moderate levels. , can maximize the use but also safe. If you want to find skin whitening products that are suitable for your skin, do not cause side effects.

7. Can Arbutin combine with vitamin C to lighten skin?

Many people still worry about whether to combine Arbutin with vitamin C in their skin care process, the answer will be yes. According to The Ordinary - Canada's leading skin care brand, Arbutin and vitamin C combined will bring great whitening effect. This combination will help you prevent the formation of melanin, help fade skin pigmentation, fade acne scars and help clean and whiten skin effectively.

Hopefully, with the information about the active ingredient Arbutin in the above article, it will help you understand in more detail about this active ingredient as well as its use in the process of beauty, whitening skin care. 

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