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What is hair oil? Benefits and the most effective use

Using hair oil is an indispensable step when taking care of your hair and helps you own beautiful, bouncy hair. Together with Natural Beauty+ review the best rated hair steaming oils today below.'

1. What is hair steaming?

Hair steaming oil is the step to help provide nutrients and moisture from the oil in the best way. The steaming process will use the moisture of steam and heat to help the cuticles and hair follicles open evenly. At that time, the nutrients from the conditioner penetrate deeply into each hair strand, the blood in the scalp circulates well and stimulates hair growth.

Steaming hair is the best way to provide nutrients and moisture from the oil (Source: Collected)

2. How to help you choose the right hair steamer

To choose the right hair oil , Beauty 365 will reveal to you a few tips below:

2.1. Choose the right hair oil for your hair type

Steaming oil for oily hair : For those of you who have oily hair that is often sticky due to the excessive secretion of oil glands, it is necessary to choose an oil that is able to control the maximum amount of oil in the hair. Priority is given to steamed oil products with ingredients such as rose, ginger, bamboo, green tea, etc.

Steaming oil for dry hair : Dry, frizzy hair can be caused by frequent exposure to chemicals or by birth. You should choose products with hair conditioner ingredients such as coconut, avocado and olive oil.

2.2. Choose a hair oil with natural and safe ingredients

Besides the type of hair, when choosing a hair oil, you also need to pay attention to the composition factor. Prioritize natural ingredients such as: Vitamin B, vitamin E, macadamia, almonds... These are nutrient-rich ingredients that help strengthen hair and care for damaged hair.

3. The most effective way to use hair steaming oil at home

So do you know how to steam hair oil at home properly and most effectively? First, apply the steaming oil to your hair and let it dry.

Then take a towel and dip it in hot water and squeeze out the excess water and wrap it around your hair.
Cover with a shower cap for about 5 minutes.

Remove the cap and let the hair stay for another 5 minutes, then rinse with water.

4. Should I steam my hair?

Should I steam my hair? The answer is that you should use hair steaming oil to own smooth and strong hair. Let's find out in detail the benefits of hair steaming oil below:Stimulates hair growth : Steaming oil contains essential nutrients for hair, helping to provide natural oils that are absorbed into the scalp and nourished from deep within. So the hair will be strong, long and smooth and promote blood circulation in the scalp.

Improves scalp health : Using hair steaming oil helps to prevent hair loss and effectively remove dead cells, preventing scalp itchiness. When the scalp is cleaned, it will help absorb the best nutrients.

Provide moisture to the hair : The steam from the hair steamer enhances moisture to penetrate deeply into each hair and help the cuticle cover each hair evenly, reducing the hair aging process. Together with the protein keratin and hydrogen bonds, it provides moisture to the hair.

In addition, hair steaming oil also helps to reduce itchy dandruff, improve hair elasticity and clean the scalp, detoxify hair ...


Hopefully, the above suggestions will help her choose for herself the best hair oil product and own naturally beautiful, smooth hair. 

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