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2 basic makeup mistakes that many women often make

Some basic makeup mistakes below that women should change will help the face look more beautiful and natural.


Primer is one of the steps that many women often skip when applying makeup. Photo: Xinhua

Light daily makeup will help women have a fresh appearance, and also cover the flaws on the face.

However, not all women know how to apply gentle makeup, especially when many people make the following two basic mistakes.

Do not use primer

There are many women who do not have the habit or often forget to use primer before applying makeup. According to analysis from beauty experts, this is one of the basic mistakes that need to be improved because if you don't use a primer, the makeup will be difficult to stick on the surface for a long time, easily fading after only a few hours. work. The face at this time will reveal the flaws on the faces of the sisters.

Therefore, beauty care experts advise that women should cover with a layer of primer before applying makeup. It should also be noted that, choose primers suitable for each skin type to have a longer grip, reduce dull skin or reveal wrinkles on the face. Not to mention, the primer layer, if used regularly, will help the skin become shiny, smooth as well as effectively cover the pores.

Too much eyeliner will make your face look older. Photo: Xinhua

Eyeliner is too dark

The eyeliner will make your eyes more personality and attractive. However, there are many women who abuse this in too bold eyeliner. This is a completely wrong way of makeup and makes you look older. Therefore, do not abuse using eyeliner, but only light, thin lines will create more personality for the eyes.

To limit this, women should only apply enough eyeliner or only apply eyeliner on the upper eyelid to help the eyes become more sparkling and softer. In addition, choosing pencil or eyeliner with black and brown tones will be suitable for all skin types of women.

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