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3 beauty recipes from tomatoes to help remove dark spots, tweak beauty for women

The ingredients are easy to find, the method is super simple but brings unexpected results, what are you waiting for without starting to do it right away.

Tomatoes are a "familiar face" in almost every family's meal. However, besides the role of raw materials for processing dishes.
Vitamin A and beta carotene contained in it help brighten skin, shrink pores extremely effectively. Not stopping there, tomatoes also work in anti-aging. Want to remove dark spots, freckles or simply slow down the skin aging process, what are you waiting for without immediately referring to the following 3 quick - compact - fast recipes with tomatoes.

Recipe 1: Tomato mask with egg whites

Wash a ripe tomato, puree it and mix it with egg white. After washing your face thoroughly, take the mixture and apply it evenly on the skin. Meanwhile, don't forget to gently massage for the nutrients to penetrate deeply. Continue to keep the status quo for 10-15 minutes and then wash your face 2 times, 1 with warm water and 1 with cold water.

The nutrients in tomatoes and egg whites also maintain the necessary moisture while adding protein to help limit the appearance of wrinkles. Persist in using for a while, the skin will be smooth and full of vitality.

Recipe 2: Cover your face with tomato juice

After cleansing the skin, use a cotton pad to absorb the tomato juice and apply it on it. If you have the opportunity to apply each piece on the skin, the better. Leave it on for about 10-15 minutes and then wash it off with warm water. Since this recipe doesn't include eggs, you don't need to wash your face twice.

Recipe 3: Frozen tomatoes roll on the skin

If you want to "slap" back the skin that is dark, full of bruises or enlarged pores, try rolling with "tomato stone". The ingredients that you need to prepare include 2 tomatoes, 2 vitamin E tablets and an ice cube tray.


Tomatoes are washed and then put in a blender to puree, filter the water and discard the carcass. Proceed to mix the water obtained with vitamin E capsule solution into a homogeneous mixture. Next, pour the solution into the prepared tray and then put it in the refrigerator to cool again.

When using, you must make sure that your facial skin is clean and clear. Split a finished product (now frozen into ice) into a thin cloth, wrap it and roll it all over the face.

You should roll in a spiral direction, from bottom to top, from inside to outside and have to be very even. If left for a long time in a certain area, the low temperature easily causes the skin to "react". Roll until the ice melts, then stop, pat gently with your hand for better absorption of nutrients. Continue to let it sit for another 10 minutes and then use a soft towel to absorb it once.

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