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3 cheap ingredients to help remove the worry of hair loss like autumn leaves

The following natural ingredients can help you treat hair loss at home effectively.

Causes of hair loss

Hair can fall out due to external mechanical influences such as braids, buns that are too tight, stretching the hair roots many times and strong, making hair easy to fall out.

Using a comb that is too hard, brushing your hair too many times and even washing your hair too much, drying your hair, leaving your hair to sleep or exposing it to the sun also indirectly causes hair loss.

- Hair weakens from the inside because many people do not protect it from UV rays from the sun, abuse of hairspray, shampoo, detergent... also causes hair loss.


- Women during pregnancy, people taking medication for high blood pressure, diabetes or immunosuppressant drugs often lose more hair.

It should be noted that ordinary shampoos are only meant to create smoothness and beautiful shine for the hair, and people with hair loss need to use specific shampoos containing vitamins and plant extracts, stimulating scalp nourishment. and hairline. There are several ingredients that can remedy this situation:


Grapefruit is a pretty good hair loss treatment. You can mix 40ml of pure grapefruit essential oil with 20ml of basil essential oil in one liter of pure coconut oil. Then you wet the scalp and use about 15-20ml of the above mixture, massage into the hair roots of the hair loss or bald area for 20-30 minutes and then wash it with shampoo. Apply regularly 3 times a week you will see noticeable results.



Garlic is one of the great ingredients in beauty care. This material is very beneficial for hair. There are a few studies that have proven that people who apply garlic juice to their hair, the hair gradually returns within a few weeks.

You just need to rub garlic juice and massage into the scalp, which helps increase blood circulation under the scalp, stimulating hair growth.

Or you can apply thinly sliced ​​garlic to key areas where you notice the most visible signs of hair loss or thinning.


Bodhi tree is a very useful fruit for hair. In ancient times, women and mothers often used this fruit to cook shampoo to have smooth, black and long hair. That's because locust contains flavonozides and saponaretin substances, which help hair grow fast and long, smooth.


In cases of hair loss due to stress, lack of substance or entering menopause, there is no need to worry or treat with drugs. Instead, you should focus on nutrition, rest and relaxation to create conditions for hair to grow back.

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