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3 homegrown vegetables to help remove the worry of keloids

With 3 extremely effective folk remedies for keloid scars passed down below, you will quickly overcome this situation.

Keloids appear on the skin often due to an overgrowth of benign collagen or the body promoting excessive wound healing. Keloid scars not only affect your health but also make you self-conscious when appearing in public. With 3 extremely effective folk remedies for keloid scars passed down below, you will quickly overcome this situation.

1. Wormwood

In addition to treating some neurological diseases such as headaches, insomnia... Wormwood can also treat keloids very well thanks to its antiseptic and high antioxidant capacity.


+ 1 handful of fresh wormwood leaves


Step 1: Wash the wormwood leaves

Step 2: Put wormwood leaves in a pot to boil

Step 3: Let it cool down and then use a filter cloth to remove the water

Step 4: Store in the refrigerator to use gradually


First, wash the scarred area with water. Next, use cotton soaked in wormwood to rub on the keloid area thoroughly, finally let it dry naturally and then wash it off with water.

You should do it 3 times a week for best results. After only 3 weeks you will see amazing results.

The treatment of keloids with wormwood is very simple but extremely effective. If the scar is new, the possibility of scar fading to 80% is very high. You should not miss this useful vegetable.

2. Gotu kola

Gotu kola is a food capable of providing many vitamins and minerals. The reason gotu kola has the ability to treat keloids is because the ingredients in gotu kola can inhibit the excessive production of collagen in the scar tissue, improve antioxidants and promote growth and regeneration. New skin for old scars.



Step 1: Buy gotu kola soaked in salt water for 15 minutes.

Step 2: Wash, crush and filter the water. You can add a little sugar to make it easier to drink.

Step 3: Use gotu kola pulp to cover the keloid or wash the scar with fresh gotu kola juice.

The fiber content of gotu kola is not only in the water but also in the pulp of gotu kola. If you just pound the water, it will lose this active ingredient.

You should apply gotu kola mixture after scarring as soon as possible. Should be applied in the evening, left overnight to achieve high results. When using gotu kola to treat scars, it is necessary to wash and persevere. Do this method daily after 1 month will see the bruises fade and the scars will be flatter.

3. Green tea

The anti-inflammatory antibiotic component of green tea can help keep the body healthy and nourish the facial skin. In addition to the beauty effects, green tea water can remove scars quickly and effectively.



Step 1: Wash green tea leaves, boil to get water.

Step 2: Wait for the water to cool, use cotton soaked in green tea to gently apply on the scarred skin.

You should do this daily for a long time to be effective, can be used instead of toner after washing your face. Green tea water also has the effect of reducing darkening and making the skin brighter and smoother after use.

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