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3 ways to cure 'panda eyes'

You can improve your dark circles very simply if you use tomatoes and honey.

The eyes are always likened to the windows to the soul, the place to honestly express your own emotions. A bright, healthy, glittering eye is the perfect plus point for the beauty of both men and women, helping us to stay young, attractive and attractive. But there are some people who have the skin under the eyes that is very vulnerable, creating dark circles even though they always go to bed early and get enough sleep. So what causes "panda eyes"?

According to Dr. Carol Clinton (skin care expert in Ohio, USA), there are many problems that lead to dark circles under the eyes, including the main causes as follows:

Due to lack of sleep

Lack of sleep is the cause of your dark eyes.

This is the leading cause of people's eyes, especially young people, prone to dark circles. If you don't get enough sleep or like to do "night owls" regularly, it will cause poor blood circulation, lack of oxygen, the skin is not provided with adequate nutrition, thereby forming dark circles under the eyes. If this goes on for a long time, it can also cause wrinkles under the eyes.

Due to heredity

According to the results of recent studies, many people have thin skin under the eyes or have many small blood vessels and excessive melanin distribution is inherited from parents. Dark circles are more noticeable in people with thin, pale skin. People with this skin type are more likely to make dark circles stand out more. At the same time, when tired and stressed, the blood circulation in the eyes is slowed down, blood can leak out of the vessels and leave dark, swollen circles. It is also genetic that some people have fat in the area below the eyeball that moves to the front of the eyeball, making it easier for bags to form.

Due to the habit of often rubbing eyes

Surprisingly, the act of rubbing your eyes regularly can also cause dark circles under your eyes. Because this movement easily stimulates blood vessels and causes blood to drain out of the vessel lumen. Therefore, when experiencing itching and discomfort, you should try to practice the habit of limiting rubbing your eyes. Instead, you can close your eyes and apply ice to them for about 60-90 seconds to help relieve the itching.

Due to overexposure to the sun

Overexposure to the sun also makes the skin damaged and thinner, making it easier for dark circles to stand out. Ultraviolet rays in the sun will stimulate the melanin pigments under the skin to increase and make dark circles even more obvious.

Due to lack of water and nutrition in the body

When the body lacks water, the blood vessels under sensitive skin such as under the eyes will swell, causing puffiness and dark circles. Too poor diet also easily makes dark circles in the eye area appear.

Due to the abuse of tobacco and stimulants

If you smoke too much, drink a lot of alcohol, coffee also causes blood vessels to constrict, making blood circulation poor, thereby causing wrinkles and dark circles under your eyes.

How to cure panda eyes

Tomato, Lemon and Turmeric

You just need to squeeze the juice of a tomato mixed with lemon juice and turmeric. Then gently apply to the eye bags, leave on for 15 minutes, then rinse with cold water. The essences in turmeric, tomato and lemon juice will help improve dark circles and brighten the skin.

Milk powder and honey

Mix 1 teaspoon of powdered milk and 1 teaspoon of honey to form a thick paste. Carefully apply the mixture around the eyes. After 15-20 minutes, wash it off with clean water. This mixture works to improve the dark skin around the eyes.

Rose water

If you have time, you can boil rose petals to get rose essence. Soak a cotton ball in water and gently dab it on your eyes. Along with that, you can gently massage your tired eyes.

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