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4 carefree daily habits of women cause double chin and sagging skin

The habits of women inadvertently make the chin double, the skin supple and saggy. You need to change your mind before it's too late.

Daily habits seem harmless but can inadvertently directly affect the skin, causing sagging skin, double chin face. You will have a hard time owning a slim face and firm skin if you keep these 4 habits.

1. Hold your chin or hug your cheek

When talking, eating, reading or studying, many people have very bad habits such as holding their cheeks or resting their chin. We often use this posture because it is a very comfortable position when sitting, but it will cause the center of gravity of the face to shift to one side, facial muscles and skin lose elasticity due to the impact of the force from the wings. hand pressed, thereby leading to increasing wrinkles, both cheeks are flabby and the face is also unbalanced. This is really a harmful habit that needs to be fixed immediately.


2. Eating hard food and chewing too fast

Although there are several methods to help slim the face by chewing food. However, if you often eat foods that are too hard and the chewing speed is too fast, it will affect the jawbone. The long-term jaw bone will be damaged, causing the chin to expand and the face will also become more and more rough.

Besides, chewing too quickly, eating too quickly will adversely affect the stomach, health, even cause fat accumulation in the abdomen, stomach pain. You should practice the habit of eating slowly, you will be able to control the jawbone, minimize the pressure on the face.


3. Lying on your side or lying on your side for too long

Sleeping on your side is a very comfortable and healthy sleeping position. However, if you lie on your side for too long, or lie on your stomach, you should change it immediately. Sleeping on your stomach puts pressure on the heart and causes shortness of breath, not only that, but also deforms the face. The face in a state of squeezing will cause the face to enlarge, deviate to one side even more clearly, the skin also becomes saggy. The part of the nasal bone that is subjected to force is also easily flattened and the nose is larger. The best position for that skin is lying on your back. However, lying on the side is very good for health and makes sleep better, but you should change your position regularly, do not lie on one side for a long time.


4. Sit or walk with hunched back

The hunchback sitting or walking posture is mainly due to the main reason that is bending down too long to use the phone, and it is this small movement that causes the formation of a double chin. Because when the head and neck are brought forward together, the metabolism in the chin becomes slower. When bowing, the flesh on the chin will also be exposed. If it is not quickly changed, when the face appears double chin, the more wrinkles are imprinted, it is too late, it is difficult to improve the situation. In addition, walking or sitting with a hunchback will make the gait worse, losing temperament.


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