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4 myths that beauty costs money but skin is still ugly

The notion that cosmetics are as expensive as possible or bought according to celebrity ads are mistakes many people are making, making their skin more sensitive and speeding up aging.

1. The more expensive the better

Many people believe that expensive cosmetics will help their skin improve quickly. However, Dr. Wu - who has a clinic in Taoyuan City, Taiwan - said this was a mistake. The selling price of a skin care product includes many items such as packaging, advertising, etc., but does not represent the entire quality of the product. Experts recommend buying cosmetics that are suitable for your skin condition and have a minimal formula of chemical ingredients, no fragrance... to reduce the burden on your skin.

Let's form a habit of learning ingredients instead of just paying attention to the packaging and price of cosmetics.

2. Buy with the trend

Many people have the habit of buying cosmetics according to the crowd trend or advertised by celebrities, regardless of whether they are suitable for their skin condition and characteristics. The more sensitive the skin, the more careful you need to be in the selection of care products to limit the situation of "losing money, carrying defects".

3. Instant effect

With any product that changes the skin condition quickly, after only a few uses, you have to be wary. Products that cause quick reactions may contain ingredients that are not safe for the skin, even cause allergies, leaving many unpredictable consequences. To limit this situation, you need to choose to buy cosmetics from reputable brands with clear origin and labels. Absolutely avoid handmade cosmetics, unknown ingredients, origin, sketchy packaging...

Skin care products that give quick results may contain corticosteroids, hydroquinones, etc., with potentially unpredictable consequences if used in the wrong dosage.

4. Ignore the basic steps

Many people "strongly" pay for expensive skin care procedures at the beauty salon or focus on special products but forget the basic daily care steps also play a very important role. To improve the skin in the long run, expert Wu recommends forming a proper care routine, which does not need to be too fussy but must ensure the basic steps. 

Three basic steps include: Cleansing, moisturizing and sun protection need to be done regularly to protect the skin from environmental damage as well as create the ideal conditions for the skin to recover and regenerate.

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