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4 shoulder-length hair trends that make her as young and beautiful as a 20-year-old girl without having to dye prominently

On such autumn days, there is nothing more wonderful than F5's look with the stylish new hairstyles above.

In Autumn, the cool weather creates better conditions for letting your hair down, so many women will think of "turning the tile". One of the suitable options at the moment is shoulder length hair. To get a stylish look when cutting shoulder-length hair, you need to identify the most fashionable versions. Here are 4 shoulder-length hairstyles that are very hot, please refer to F5 for beauty this autumn!

Shoulder-length hair, ponytail

The curled tail is considered the "key" to help the face look more luxurious. Therefore, shoulder-length hair and ponytail have a combination of youthful features and smooth looks. When applying this hairstyle, stylish ladies often cut loose bangs or bangs. Wavy shoulder-length hair is a suggestion that is not difficult to apply. Not to mention, this hairstyle also scores elegantly, so it's more suitable for her 30.


Layered shoulder-length hair, sparse bangs

The advantage of layered hair and thin bangs is gentleness and femininity. This hairstyle helps to "hide" some weaknesses such as: narrow forehead, airport forehead, rough chin ..., helping the face look balanced. Anyone who applies this hairstyle also adds a sweet and fresh part. Stylish ladies do not dye too much when they are friends with layered hair, sparse bangs. They're pretty enough simply by dyeing brown. 


Shoulder length hair, curly

This is the perfect hairstyle for women with thin hair. Curly hair is very feminine and attractive, so it is more and more popular with women. Women only curl slightly, the appearance will be more fashionable, not afraid of growing old. To hack age more effectively, try dyeing brown or highlighting, it will definitely score style points. Shoulder length hair, fishtail curls are also very noticeable because they give women a luxurious look.


Layered shoulder-length hair, flying bangs

If you do not want to cut your bangs, you still have another option to help reduce your face. This side-trimmed hair will help brighten up the look, especially when viewed from an angle. The youthful flying bangs is not inferior to the sparse bangs, even better in the playful, liberal look.


You can let your hair layer fly, smooth naturally. However, if you want to have a more breakthrough beauty, try the flying bangs, straightening them, you will get a very modern look.

Autumn is the transition time between the hot summer sun and the chilly autumn air. On such autumn days, there is nothing more wonderful than F5 with the stylish new hairstyles above.

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