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4 things to do every day to have slim legs

Foot massage at the end of the day helps reduce water retention, muscle relaxation after exercise has the effect of reducing the accumulation of lactic acid in the muscles, improving the thighs and calves more slender.

Foot massage

Experts recommend taking a few minutes at the end of the day to massage your feet, regardless of the shape of your feet. Regular massage helps blood circulation throughout the body, reducing muscle tension and aches after a long day of activities. 

This habit also helps to improve water retention and edema, so that thighs and calves look lighter and more elegant. You can apply essential oils and massage tools such as jade stone, roller ... or use the knuckles to gently rub in the direction from the ankle to the top.

Stretching not only helps the body recover faster after exercise, but also limits the accumulation of lactic acid in the muscles, making the legs slimmer.

Stretching after a workout

Many people often skip the stretching step after a workout, even though it doesn't take too long. Lactic acid accumulates during exercise, making muscle areas look stretched and larger. This is also the reason many women are often afraid to jog, jump rope... to enlarge their calves. 

However, proper exercise combined with stretching at the end of the session will not make the calves bigger, on the contrary, it will also help the legs become slimmer and toned. Stretching exercises help stimulate circulation, increase flexibility and reduce muscle tension. This increases oxygen while reducing the production and accumulation of lactic acid in the muscles.

Keep the right posture

This includes walking, lying, and sitting positions. Long-term incorrect posture negatively affects the spine, pelvis, lower body ... causing uneven muscle development, less aesthetic. In daily activities, you should gradually adjust the posture of walking, standing, sitting... for proper alignment. Practicing gym, yoga, pilates also helps you to improve your correct posture, more beautiful.

4-things-to-do-every-day-to-have-slim-legsCaring for smooth, fresh foot skin is also a way to distract attention if you inherently have large calves.

Foot care

To have beautiful, confident feet in any outfit, you also need to spend time taking care of them. The legs are beautiful, but the dull knees make the overall look less elegant. To improve, take time to exfoliate, moisturize... to help smooth, brighter skin. When bitten by mosquitoes and insects, limiting scratching too hard can leave scars, making your legs less attractive.

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