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4 tips to change a new and more luxurious look for the autumn days

Take advantage of these days, what are you afraid of without giving yourself a new hairstyle to F5 yourself.

At the beginning of autumn, the sisters race to get their hair done, everyone wants to buy themselves a new stylish and luxurious look to welcome the cold season. If you have no idea in f5 hair, or in case you don't have too much time to change your hairstyle, here are 4 suggestions for you.

Hair dying

Dyeing your hair will brighten up the look, creating a breakthrough change in look whether you change to light or dark hair. In the past, people used to talk a lot about dyeing hair on the whole head. However, according to the changing trends of young people, many dyed hair styles have been born and cool variations. You can completely try your hand at babylight dyed hair - dyed microfiber if you pursue a gentle style...



Still layered hair, but this cold season, you can refer to mullet layer cutting to be youthful and fashionable. Long-faced girls can let the low layer layer combine with flat bangs. Those who break the way and want to completely renew themselves can refer to pixie hair, choosing the right type of face will be very fashionable, not drowning in beauty.

Flat-tailed bob hair

The flat-tailed bob is a classic, so you never have to worry about going out of style. With a straight hair structure, the tail is cut with, this basic bob hairstyle will give you an elegant, well-groomed look.


Layered hair

Layered hair has even stronger coverage than a flat-tailed bob. However, those who own square or round faces still need to be careful when applying layer short hair. This option is easy to "promote" the disadvantage if you leave the roof long and parted.

Women should cut their bangs when they have short layered hair. Thin bangs can turn a large face into a small one, and at the same time overcome some disadvantages such as a too high forehead. You can also rest assured, the thin bangs hair is very young and sweet, but still elegant and elegant enough, the 30-year-old girl applies it very well.


pixie hair

This short hair will be a difficult problem for women, because it can make the face look coarser and stiff. Sisters, please cut the roof or the roof. This option will create an elegant and soft face effect, helping your appearance not only exude coolness, but also have a feminine touch.
Curly hair

Choose for yourself a curly hairstyle that suits your personal style to refresh the look! Curly hair has many different types of curls: curly, wavy, hippie... each style gives us that distinct beauty.


Change the bangs

Women have a variety of bangs to choose from: from thin bangs, flying bangs, baby bangs on the eyebrows... to French bangs. By cutting more bangs, your face will become harmonious and luxurious, from which confidence will also increase a lot.

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