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4 ways to walk to burn fat without making calves bigger

Walking with the right posture, large strides and gradually increasing the speed and distance when you get used to it will help you burn excess calories, improve endurance and firmness for the body.

Keep the right posture

The standard posture when walking is to look forward, open the chest, slightly lower the chin, pull the abdomen and do not swing the hips. While walking, keep your arms relaxed. The back should be kept straight, the shoulders relaxed, absolutely do not stoop forward or lean back. Use the front of your foot and toes as stepping stones to push forward. Maintaining the correct posture when walking is also one of the important factors contributing to limiting the swelling and enlargement of the calf.

Daily walking is also an effective way to relieve stress and balance mental health.

Speed ​​up

As you get used to walking, gradually increase your speed, which helps push your heart rate up, causes your body temperature to rise, sweats and increases the efficiency of burning calories. Walking at a steady pace also contributes to limiting calf enlargement because at this time, the muscles are under less pressure than sprinting or walking fast - slow intermittently.

Big step

If you want to effectively lose weight by walking, in addition to speeding, stride size is also a factor to consider. Walking briskly with a large stride stimulates the thigh muscles and increases the heart rate effectively. Besides, please prioritize flat roads, limit uphill to avoid big calves.

Correct posture contributes to reducing injuries, protecting the spine, increasing the efficiency of walking.


If you want to lose weight by walking, you should maintain it for at least 15-20 minutes. Distances and travel times that are too short will not be enough to burn excess calories. You can walk home from work or take a walk with your family, take your pet for a walk... to gradually increase the distance and length of your walk during the day.

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