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4 wrong anti-aging habits that women often make, even though they take care of them, they still "disappear"

Here are the top 4 mistakes when anti-aging, you definitely have to identify it right away so you don't get "old early"!

Skin care steps not only help women improve their skin smooth and bright, but also maintain youthfulness and radiance even when they are over 40, 50 years old. However, no matter how hard you work, if you don't do it properly, you can still face the risk of premature aging, making your skincare efforts "disappear". Here are the top 4 mistakes when anti-aging, you must immediately identify to prevent the earliest.

1. Only apply sunscreen when it is sunny

Instead of applying sunscreen every day, many people only use it on hot sunny days, or when going to the beach, doing outdoor activities for a long time. This is a bad habit. Whether it's cloudy or rainy, UV rays will still attack your skin. Over time, the damage that builds up will cause the skin to age prematurely. They even have to reapply sunscreen every 2 hours for optimal protection.


2. Use unproven anti-aging ingredients

There are countless skincare products on the market but only a few ingredients are actually proven to have anti-aging effects, the rest are still quite vague about their ability to correct the signs of aging.

If you use unproven anti-aging products, skin rejuvenation will not bring the expected results. The most prized ingredient in anti-aging is retinol.

Besides, you can refer to some other "anti-aging" ingredients such as: vitamin C (antioxidant, skin lightener), ceramide (restores, strengthens the skin's natural barrier), peptides (stimulating collagen production), AHA (exfoliating, brightening, accelerating skin regeneration).

3. Use oxidized or expired products

If using expired products, the anti-aging effect will of course be zero. You may even experience skin irritation and acne if you apply expired skincare products.


Products containing vitamin C or retinol are easily oxidized by air. Broken products mean that the skin will not receive the anti-aging effect. You need to close the lid tightly after use, avoid exposing the product to direct sunlight. If the product shows signs of oxidation such as discoloration, or has expired, you need to stop using it immediately.

4. Unhealthy living habits

Maintain a healthy lifestyle and eating habits. On the contrary, if you regularly drink alcoholic beverages, apply a low-quality diet, be inactive, stay up late, etc., no matter how expensive anti-aging products are, they cannot save your skin.

Women need proper skincare and maintain healthy living habits, such as: exercising regularly, drinking enough water, getting enough sleep, increasing the intake of healthy foods such as vegetables and fruits. , protein, good fats…

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