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5 common makeup mistakes that make you look old

Makeup helps women be more beautiful, concealing facial defects such as low nose, monolid eyes... However, if you don't know how, makeup can "harm" your face and make you grow old.

‏Here are 5 common makeup mistakes to avoid to help you makeup more beautiful and natural.

‏ 1. The eyeliner is too thick

‏Eyeliner helps the eyes to have sharper and more prominent lines. However, too bold eyeliner or lower liner can make your face look older. Instead, you should apply eyeliner on the upper eyelid to make your eyes look bigger and softer.

‏Also, choosing a pencil or eyeliner with a brown or gray color will bring a softer and softer line to the face.‏

‏2. Using the wrong concealer

‏‏Using concealer in the wrong way will make you look older.To use it properly, you should use concealer after foundation. Dab a few drops of concealer on the bone under the eyes and blend to cover dark circles . For acne defects , should apply a little on the acne, let it dry and then apply another layer.

In addition, concealers come in many colors with different uses. For example, pink concealer helps to remove dark circles, green helps to cover acne, dark spots, and yellow helps to even out large areas of skin...

So depending on the purpose of use, you should choose the right concealer. In particular, do not forget to choose a concealer that matches your skin tone.

‏3. Skip the primer‏

‏If there is no primer, your makeup will easily flow or fade after a period of operation. This makes you pale and look old.

‏To keep your makeup in place for a long time, it is best to use a primer before applying makeup. This step helps the foundation to stick longer, reduce dull skin, fade wrinkles. In particular, if you love dewy makeup, primer will help smooth skin, control oiliness and cover pores .

The foundation helps to keep the makeup in place for a long time.

‏4. Eyebrows makeup mistake

Eyebrows are properly shaped to bring a harmonious overall look to the face. Because eyebrows are too thick, it will not look neat. Eyebrows that are too thin will be unnatural, even completely changing your appearance.

‏Choose a small eyebrow pencil with a color similar to your hair color to help you create natural strokes, highlighting beautiful eyes.

‏5. Abuse of eye makeup

Powder, highlighter brings sparkle to the face to make it more prominent. However, it is not always good to use emulsion products.

‏The types of powder are only used when you want certain points on the face to stand out, and the face does not need to have too many highlights. So, please avoid using too much glitter for face makeup.

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