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5 daily chores that make hair more frizzy

Washing your hair too much, regularly brushing your hair when it's wet... are habits that should be abandoned to improve hair health and beauty.

1. Comb your hair while it's wet

This habit can make your hair more brittle because this is when the hair is weakest, easily stretched, increasing the risk of breakage. Ideally, you should brush your hair before washing, this way helps to remove tangles and improves blood circulation. After washing, you should also wait for your hair to dry before brushing.

Brushing your hair before shampooing helps to reduce tangles and breakage.

2. Use conditioner after shampoo

This is the order that most people still apply up to now. However, if you reverse these two steps: conditioner first, shampoo after will help hair smooth, not tangled, so when washing also limit friction on the scalp, hair follicles, reduce breakage.

3. Wash your hair with hot water

High temperature water removes the natural oil that protects the scalp, causing dryness, fibrous, weak hair follicles that are easy to break, and dandruff may appear. When it loses the necessary amount of oil, the scalp then also tends to produce more oil to make up for the lost, making the hair quickly greasy.

4. Wash your hair daily

Shampoo cleans the hair, keeps the fragrance for a long time, but when you use it a lot, it can make the hair more dry, fibrous, and quickly greasy due to the loss of natural oils. Ideally, you should limit the use of shampoo too many times a week. Twice a week frequency is considered moderate, does not affect health. In addition, organic shampoos with natural ingredients are also the ideal way to protect the scalp and hair.

5. Blow-dry, style

Hot drying, using a lot of chemicals, fixing tools, and styling hair also damage hair follicles, making hair increasingly frizzy.

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