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5 effective ways to fight aging skin around girls' eyes

Aging is the enemy of women, although no one wants it, they still come over time. Especially aging is very evident on the face, wrinkles and eye area. Let's take a look at 5 effective anti-aging ways to keep the eye area young and beautiful.

1. Skin care eye area before going to bed

The skin around the eyes has a very special structure, they are often fragile and very easily damaged. You need to take care of the eye area before going to bed so that the skin has more moisture, nutrients, anti-dark circles and eye bags.

Use a thin cloth or towel, wet it with water, and place it over your eyes. Follow with a few slices of cucumber or a little honey around the eye area. You should use this way to maintain moisture for the eyes, anti-wrinkle skin is also extremely effective.

When applying the mask, you can use a little more essential oil, put it on your fingertips and then gently apply, massage the skin around the eyes. This is considered a very effective way to fight aging skin around the eye area. Please use mild essential oils such as: Tea oil, olive oil, chamomile oil, rose oil... Accompanied by some specialized anti-aging and skin creams. Choose a brand that is reputable and safe for the sensitive eye area.


2. Moderate work is a way of anti-aging skin around the eyes

The eyes usually have to work at full capacity every day. Admittedly, if your eyes don't work, you won't be able to do anything. Therefore, the eyes will often be tired and stressed if working at full capacity. This will be the main cause of premature aging of the skin around the eyes. To be able to fight wrinkles, anti-aging eye skin, you should reset your work plan in the most reasonable way, take time to rest so your eyes can relax.

Remember, a day just sitting glued to the computer, or staying up a few nights does not mean that the eyes will recover immediately.

3. Please wear glasses to protect your eyes

When the eyes face the environment, a series of harmful rays and dust will damage the eyes. Dirt and many bad agents easily penetrate. Even sitting at a computer will emit harmful rays to the eyes. That's why eye protection glasses were born, to protect against harmful ultraviolet rays to the eyes. At this point, you should "buy" yourself a pair of glasses to keep your eyes safe when you go out or sit for a long time at the computer.

Eyes need to be kept clean. Try washing your eyes with physiological saline and specialized detergents, this makes eyes healthy, anti-aging in a very good way.


4. How to fight skin aging around the eyes with diet

Not only about the aging mode, any diseases can arise if you do not maintain an unhealthy lifestyle and diet.

As for the eyes, add vitamins and foods to keep your eyes healthy and bright: Tomatoes, cereals, blueberries, salmon, gac fruit, carrots... In addition, vitamins B6, collagen have Can nourish the skin on the body many times firmer. Thanks to that, the aging factors are also gradually repelled. You should pay attention to limit the intake of fats, especially saturated fats, because they will accumulate inside the body and not go anywhere. It is also because of fat that fat under the eyes is born, accompanied by loose skin, not as smooth as usual.

5. Exercise for more flexible eyes

A flexible eye will look many times younger than dull, tired eyes that are always filled with bags and dark circles. Practice simple movements to train the sensitivity of your eyes. Glancing up, down, left, right, circle eyes… Do it every morning after waking up.

In addition, you can massage your eyes regularly, use your fingertips in combination with essential oils to smooth the eye skin, rotate the skin around the eyes in a clockwise direction. With puffiness under the eyelids, take 2 fingers to gently rub it, do it at night before going to bed. The next morning you will see a complete difference in your eyes.

Usually, at the age of 30, the eyes will have many signs of aging, the skin around the eyes begins to appear wrinkles and dark circles. To make the skin smooth, dislodge wrinkles, you should pay attention to 5 important things how to prevent skin aging in the upper eye area. Not everyone is blessed with beautiful skin, care plays a 70% role in anyone's long-term beauty. Don't wait until your skin is bad to take care of it.

Above are 5 ways to fight skin aging in the eye area that every girl should know, and apply every day. To maintain youthful beauty for eyes and face. Besides, you can refer to using anti-aging cream to help slow down the aging process of the skin.

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