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5 foods that help 'kill' fat after a meal

A greasy meal will affect our health and weight. There are some foods that can improve this condition that many people do not know.


Honey lemonade

Lemon not only has a strong antioxidant effect, but also works to promote fluid in the body and quench thirst, clear phlegm, and relieve cough.

Honey is a natural nutritional product that can clear heat, detoxify and moisturize dry skin. Mix lemon juice and honey with warm boiled water to make honey lemonade, drink after eating can laxative, filter blood, strengthen immunity.

Winter is very easy to catch a cold, drinking honey lemon water can soothe sore throat and reduce unpleasant sensations such as dry throat.

Barley tea

Barley tea is especially suitable for drinking during the holidays, has a cooling effect, de-spicy and aids digestion. People who like to eat meat and spicy food, drink a cup of warm barley tea after a hearty meal, not only can relieve grease, promote digestion, and at the same time can reduce the stimulation of food. warms the stomach lining.


Papaya contains a large amount of papain, also known as papain enzyme, which has strong hydrolysis ability for plant and animal proteins, polyphthalides, esters, amides, etc., which has the effect of reducing fat in food.

Eating papaya after meals has the effect of supporting digestion, detoxification, etc. In addition, it also has the effect of curing diseases such as gastroenteritis, indigestion. However, papain in papaya is a bit toxic to the human body, each time you eat it, you should not eat too much.


Radishes contain low calories and lots of cellulose, so they are easy to create a feeling of fullness after eating, helping to lose weight. Radish can cause the human body to produce interferon, inhibit the growth of cancer cells, and play an important role in anti-cancer.

Frozen Tofu

Frozen tofu is made by freezing fresh tofu, the nutrients contained in it are not lost due to the freezing process, but will produce sour substance, which can destroy the fat accumulated in the human body and achieve your weight loss goals.

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