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5 great effects when washing hair with salt water is many times better than shampoo

Washing your hair with salt water not only cleans dandruff but also helps you have shiny hair.

Washing your hair with salt water is a hair care method that has been handed down from time immemorial. Although there are many modern beauty methods, there are still many people who love and choose this traditional method because it brings many great benefits. With the effects of salt water on hair, you will be very satisfied when applying this method to your hair.

Washing hair with salt water can treat dandruff

When washing hair, adding a moderate amount of salt can have a certain antiseptic effect, enough to achieve the purpose of removing this type of dandruff. However, not all types of dandruff are caused by bacteria, there are some types of dandruff due to insufficient nutrition or drug allergies, washing hair with salt water does not work with these types of dandruff.

In some special cases, dandruff appears on the scalp due to allergies, hormonal changes in the body, sensitivity to shampoos or severe fungal infections. In these cases, you should look to buy a special medicine instead of washing your hair with salt water to be able to treat the root.

Washing your hair with salt water can make your hair shiny

The cleaning power of salt water is stronger than normal water. Occasionally washing hair with salt water once can help clean the head, reduce excess oil, remove bacteria and other chemicals, create space for hair to grow, naturally shiny hair.

Wash your hair with salt water to prevent hair loss

Sodium in salt water can balance electrolytes on oily skin, reduce androgenic hormone stimulation of hair follicles, inhibit metabolism. If you have hair loss due to unclean shampoo, bacterial infection, too much oil, washing your hair with salt water is also very effective.


Washing your hair with salt water can inhibit oil secretion

When the amount of oil in your hair is too much, the hair loses its shine. Salt water will have a very strong cleansing effect on hair oil, and can also stimulate hair follicles to clean oil, inhibit oil secretion.

All treatments require an adaptation process. Not only must you persevere in washing your hair with salt water, but after seeing the results, you must also continue, because hair loss is a disease that needs to be treated for a long time.

Helps increase blood circulation

The method of washing hair with salt water in addition to the use of anti-dandruff, helps prevent hair loss, stimulates new hair growth ... also helps to increase blood circulation, bringing comfort, gentle relaxation when used to head washing.

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