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5 hairstyles that overcome all the disadvantages of the face and body every girl should try

Hair is likened to a secret weapon that is able to overcome the disadvantages of the face or body very effectively.

Hair for people with long faces

The middle parted hair is considered by experts to be the most suitable for long faces because the "complementary" parting will create a feeling of a rounder, more balanced face. In addition, bangs are also born for long faces because it helps to shorten the length of the face. The wavy wavy hairstyle with long side bangs is also a good choice for a long face.


The combination with dyes also contributes to making your long, less-than-beautiful face become fresher and softer.

Hair for round face girls

Choose a gentle wavy hairstyle to make your bangs skewed, this hairstyle will make your face more delicate.

Or you can also choose a layered haircut, curling without bangs, parting it off to create an asymmetrical hairstyle, the two sides of the hair will be loose to cover the chubby cheeks. If you want to create something more cool and different with the middle parted bangs, this hairstyle will help your face not be cumbersome but still stylish.

Hairstyles that help dwarf mushrooms grow taller

If high heels and costumes are considered "weapon" for girls to cheat their height quickly, there is one thing that is equally effective but often accidentally forgotten, which is the hairstyle. At the top of this list is probably short hair. Similarly, short bob or neck-length hair will also be a good suggestion to increase height quickly, both giving a sweet and cute appearance and helping to "cheat" your height effectively.


Hairstyles to help balance the body

The choice of hairstyle can also fix many body problems for you if you know how. If you are an apple-shaped girl, stick with long hair, thin layers towards the tail to create a balance for the second round. For girls with broad and coarse shoulders, long hair is loose. Gentle loose with curls will be a great choice to soften masculine shoulders.


Square face

Girls with square, angular faces often find that no matter what part of their hair they part, the angle of the face is still not softer. The side part, especially the deep side part, combined with the floating bangs will help create the length for the square face, thereby making the overall look more elegant and less angular.


Hair is likened to a woman's secret weapon because in addition to the beauty effect, a suitable hair is also capable of overcoming the disadvantages of the face or body very effectively.

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